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  1. Christos


    Christos the Greenhorn
  2. Miguel


    Miguel the Santa is comin' to town with plenty of presents of caliber 40 mm for each of you naughty boys!
  3. cz_Samuel

    N18 Beginners Question Box

    Orlock Wrecker jumpbag have rule "hazardous equipment" - when wrecker use it during Move action, each his weapon with Template or Grenade trait also gain Unstable trait. Unstable sais that, if the Ammo symbol is rolled on Firepower dice when attacking with this weapon, you have 50% chance to be...
  4. cz_Samuel

    Mordheim Alternative Mordheim Miniatures (lots of pics)

    or cawdor gangers from Nevromunda (in fact cawdor bodies are really cool with tails and skaven heads)
  5. cz_Samuel

    Mordheim Alternative Mordheim Miniatures (lots of pics)

    what about cultist tracker from Frostgrave?
  6. cz_Samuel

    Update Underhive Tools Development

    also drinking hall, afaik and scenarios in battle reports, but it is not an issue, because you can write down type of scenario manualy
  7. cz_Samuel

    N18 Beginners Question Box

    I have some questions about Outlander Campaign, can you give me some advice, please? Is it possible to damage oponnents settlement somehow (in Settlement Raid, for instance)? Is it possible to somehow destroy building in his settlement? Can I raze building in my settlement? Is it somewhere...
  8. cz_Samuel

    N18 Has my group misunderstood rules for spending XP?

    How so? Skills have some special rules? And what about Orlock Legendary names? I wonder, if the starting one is counted as advancement and I should spent +2xp for my next skill (or name) and this will be the solution for my question, but is it somewhere explained?
  9. cz_Samuel

    Update Underhive Tools Development

    Drinking Hall is also missing, if I am looking correctly.
  10. cz_Samuel

    N18 House of Iron Orlock Gang Build

    Is it possible to combine unarmed attacks with sidearm? i.e. use two (or three in charge) attacks of champion with his bare hands and one attack with stub gun? or is it necessary to have cc weapon for this?
  11. cz_Samuel

    N18 House of Iron Orlock Gang Build

    isn't it solved with Tools of the Trade trait? I can throw away stub gun in the future and put the new sidearm in, no?
  12. cz_Samuel

    N18 House of Iron Orlock Gang Build

    Is it worthy to try reload boltgun? it can be lots of turns of your best fighter just thrown away in waiting for 6...
  13. cz_Samuel

    N18 Load out suggestions for a person new to necromunda (palanite, orlock, Escher, delaque)

    I am curious what thoughts the Tribe will have for Orlocks...
  14. cz_Samuel

    N18 New player - Advice on Van Saar list building

    "or a lascannon if you hate having friends" - rolling on the floor laughing! in our campaing van saar player tried to play them with las pistols and mainly on short range, I was really surprised, when I saw his list and I am really curious how it will be working.
  15. cz_Samuel

    N18 Wreckers Loadouts

    yeah, I think that Bullet Merchant is great improvement for Orlock gang.
  16. cz_Samuel

    Mordheim Alternative Mordheim Miniatures (lots of pics)

    great miniatures for possessed warband are Frostgrave Cultists
  17. cz_Samuel

    Hired Swords and your experiences with them.

    Yep, I play witch hunters and for them is halfling necessary choice. And for few crowns he is really helpful in ranged combat!
  18. cz_Samuel

    The Mordheim Scenery resource.

    they add some new buildings recently, I think this haunted gatehouse is really cool!
  19. cz_Samuel

    N18 Wreckers Loadouts

    Good insight, thanks for it. What do you think about wreckers with autopistols (and maybe in the future manstopper rounds)?