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    Necromunda The Sump: General hobby venting thread (Beware:grumpy grognards)

    That's who it is! He definitely does stuff, but the facebook isn't really active. If it's you who posts, you're probably the most prolific of the posters on Facebook. I'm pretty sure I deal with most of the messages, but Castle definitely gets those too. I'm sure if someone were to post and...
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    Necromunda The Sump: General hobby venting thread (Beware:grumpy grognards)

    Run it is a strong word. I certainly monitor it and respond to messages. One of @Malo 's close buddies does as well (can't remember what he's called here). In this modern social media environment the common thinking is to have a presence on all platforms. We're old, so I'm not sure if we've...
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    ntw3001's Necromunda Inquisitor Whatevers

    Those are Heresy maggots aren't they?
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    Necromunda Alternative Necromunda Miniature Sources (image heavy)

    As far as I know, it's the only outlet he uses.
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    BFG Facebook Character Ship Competition

    It worked for me, but I'm already a part of the group it's in.
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    BFG Facebook Character Ship Competition

    You should put a link to the group. The files link totally works, but I think a solid link to the group would be good.
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    Expanding a Mini Collection

    I use paper A LOT. I get a lot of stuff from here:, but there are many sources out there, many are free too.
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    Need some Ideas for a chaos van saar gang

    Iron warriors theme?
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    Necromunda Andy_T's Necromunda plog

    I REALLY like Shadow War.
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    Scratch building terrain supplies

    It requires a 3D printer, but these stls are a bunch of bits that are designed to turn pop cans into terrain: I got it from the Custom Miniature Maker mailing list which gives away free stls with every mailing. Their patreon...
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    Biggle Bear's 10mm rebellion

    That's soo cool! is that all by hand or did you have machine help?
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    Cosplaying Necromunda

    Orlock kit is done and works well:
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    Necromunda Road terrain for ash wastes?

    I have my eye on this: Its intended for Gaslands, but I feel it would be fine in the Ash Wastes.
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    Cosplaying Necromunda

    Well, I wish I was more fit, but here's the WIP of my Orlock kit:
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    Advice for Making a Barricade

    @Punktaku is right. You have to post some more to get all the privileges, but you'll get there. If you are able to grant access to anyone with the link, I can change your links to pics for you.
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    I do notice that well established companies seem to use Kickstarter A LOT. For these it seems like they are using it as advertisement and to generate buzz and to see if the product is viable rather than actually full on kickstart to a company which, I believe, was the intent.
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    This is not a Kickstarter exactly, but from the excellent shop of Heresy Miniatures: PRE-ORDER the FATC range As you may have seen me tweeting about recently if you're on Twitter, I was supposed to be running another Kickstarter this month for delivery in October, after the end of the ghouls...
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    Rats in Space

    You're not playing the current edition? Then these rules might work for you. They might be in the vault too.
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    I've been watching the Acid House stuff for a while. It looks good. Only reason Im going to pass on it is I have tons of terrain and I'm not all that into fantasy.