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  1. YakTribe

    Necromunda Fire Made Flesh 2021-06-06

    A Necromunda audio Dark secrets lurk in the Fallen Dome of Periculus, and Tempes Sol of the Guild of Light seeks them out to cement his place in the underhive – if he, and Hive Primus itself, can survive what he unleashes. LISTEN TO IT BECAUSE Venture into the darkest reaches of the underhive...
  2. YakTribe

    Necromunda Spark of Revolution 2021-03-02

    Civil war wracks the House of Chains, and Goliath fights Goliath. For the ogryn Breaker Brass, this is an opportunity to free himself from slavery and forge his own destiny in the underhive. READ IT BECAUSE Get a glimpse at the internal politics and tensions of House Goliath, and see what...
  3. YakTribe

    Necromunda Uprising 2020-09-29

    A Necromunda anthology Venture into the underhive of Necromunda with a collection of action-packed tales encompassing gang war, strange events, desperate escapes, and cunning schemes. READ IT BECAUSE In this anthology, you'll delve into the darkest heart of the underhive, witnessing all manner...
  4. YakTribe

    Necromunda Soulless Fury 2020-08-25

    Few are as feared in the underhive as the sinister murderer known as Mad D'onne. With a warrant out for her arrest, many seek her… but even if they find their prey, will any of them survive her wrath? READ IT BECAUSE The author of the original run of Kal Jerico novels brings you a look at one...
  5. YakTribe

    Necromunda The Hand of Harrow 2020-07-20

    Caleb Cursebound needs to steal an artefact from a private uphive museum. Sounds easy… but overconfidence is dangerous. READ IT BECAUSE Enjoy a fast-paced adventure that throws danger and excitement your way, along with twists and turns that'll leave you dizzy. THE STORY Caleb Cursebound is...
  6. YakTribe

    Necromunda Road to Redemption 2020-03-24

    Zeke of House Cawdor is on a crusade of vengeance. His entire world has been burned down, and he'll stop at nothing to get those responsible – even it means facing his own troubled past. READ IT BECAUSE See what happens when the firebrands of House Cawdor step into the spotlight in a tale of...
  7. YakTribe

    Necromunda Red Salvage 2020-03-24

    Investigating the wreck of an ancient ship, Kal Jerico, Scabbs and Yolanda face deadly dangers and treachery. READ IT BECAUSE Take a trip into the deepest depths of the underhive with the roguish bounty hunter as he faces perils both obvious and hidden. THE STORY The underhive holds many...
  8. House of Blades cover

    House of Blades cover

  9. Dark Maidens

    Dark Maidens

    Escher Dark Maidens from House of Blades
  10. Phelynx


    New Escher pets from House of Blades
  11. Escher fighters

    Escher fighters

    New Prospects and Champions? from House of Blades
  12. YakTribe

    Necromunda The Last Voyage of Elissa Harrow 2020-01-23

    A Necromunda story Elissa Harrow seeks escape from her troubles – but deep in the darkest sump of the underhive, only terror awaits her. READ IT BECAUSE Discover the lengths to which someone will go to survive in Necromunda's deepest places, and the monstrosities that await her. THE STORY...
  13. YakTribe

    Necromunda The Sanguinalia Day Massacre 2019-12-20

    A Necromunda story Every warrior has a story. For Thrax, who fights in the underhive death-pits, it is a tale of hardship, tragedy and murder. Discover it now… READ IT BECAUSE Experience a story told in an unusual way, as you'll learn the truth of Thrax's life and situation across a series of...
  14. YakTribe

    Necromunda A Question of Taste 2019-12-16

    A Necromunda story Life is very different uphive than it is for the inhabitants of the underhive… but one thing remains the same – you can never trust anyone. READ IT BECAUSE Discover the life of Necromundan nobles, and how their subtle politicking is every bit as deadly as the gang wars that...
  15. YakTribe

    Necromunda Low Lives 2019-11-12

    A Necromunda novella Even in the nightmare depths of the underhive, there are heroes… or at least those who'd like to be heroes. Caleb Cursebound is one such soul, but pursued by bounty hunters and desperately outgunned, can he even survive, let alone prove his worth? READ IT BECAUSE Enjoy an...
  16. YakTribe

    Necromunda Terminal Overkill 2019-09-06

    When full-scale gang war erupts between Houses Goliath and Escher, Brielle of the Wild Hydras finds herself on the run and desperate for revenge… READ IT BECAUSE Delve into the darkest reaches of the underhive in a tale of vengeance, ambition and gruesome deeds from Necromunda's underhive. THE...
  17. YakTribe

    Necromunda Dead Drop 2019-08-23

    A daring raid on a moving transport puts the Road Dogs Orlock gang in danger as rivals seek the same prize and the unexpected strikes. READ IT BECAUSE Get to grips with a fast-paced (literally!) tale from the underhive, packed with twists, turns and mysteries. THE STORY The Road Dogs, an...
  18. YakTribe

    Necromunda Venators 2019-08-11

    In the nightmare depths of Necromunda’s underhive, a trio of bounty hunters face challenges and trials as they try to scrape a living by bringing the guilty to justice. LISTEN TO IT BECAUSE Bounty hunters are among the most fascinating characters from Necromunda, and in this collection you'll...
  19. YakTribe

    Necromunda Underhive 2019-08-11

    See gangs battle for supremacy, hired guns ply their deadly trade and the day-to-day struggle for survival in ten tales from Necromunda’s dark underhive. READ IT BECAUSE In this collection of stories from Hive Primus, you'll experience gang warfare, ambushes gone wrong, epic quests for...
  20. YakTribe

    Necromunda Kal Jerico: Sinner's Bounty 2019-08-11

    With a Guilder armoury looted, and the culprit racing downhive in a mining hauler bristling with stolen weaponry, Kal Jerico chases the bounty… but with a prize like this, every other Venator worth the name will be after it too. READ IT BECAUSE Kal Jerico is back! With Josh Reynolds writing...