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  1. Precinct Sigma Seven

    Precinct Sigma Seven

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    Jacob Atienza Arbites
  3. The Bleeding Kiss

    The Bleeding Kiss

    TSeftz's GSC gang.
  4. GenstealerMagus1.jpg


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    Necromunda TSeftz's Painting Log

    Cheers! I'm really pleased with how they turned out - so much so that I've ordered some Subjugators to round out the gang (I had a game last night with them and got absolutely thrashed (hoping that it doesn't turn out to be the first game of a campaign as both my sergeants will be dead, and my...
  6. Heavy bolter.png

    Heavy bolter.png

  7. Lascannon.png


  8. 2nd Church of Our Martyrs' Blood

    2nd Church of Our Martyrs' Blood

    My Cawdor, played in NCE and N17
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    Necromunda TSeftz's Painting Log

    Enforcers / Adeptus Arbites I really wish I'd taken more WIP shots of these as I went on, but this was about the fastest and most pleasing hobby projects I've done in a long time. I had a couple of goals here, first was to go a bit more Judge Dredd than the Enforcers are out of the box, but...
  11. Enforcer beauty shot

    Enforcer beauty shot

  12. Enforcer basecoats

    Enforcer basecoats

  13. Bases


  14. first four enforcers

    first four enforcers

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    Necromunda TSeftz's Painting Log

    Cheers! I know what you mean looking at that picture now - I think it could be a combination of some warm leather tones / lighting, plus most of the old Van Saars have that slack-jawed half-shouting face that quite a lot of the old Mordhiem figures have. Thanks Troll! Yeah, I was lucky to have...
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    Necromunda TSeftz's Painting Log

    Hello everyone, I'm TSeftz (or Tom) from Glasgow, I've been playing Necromunda (Community Edition and Underhive / 2017) for around three years now, and I've been using YakTribe but haven't had a presence on the forums. My modelling and painting is pretty erratic, both in terms of speed and...
  17. Sector House Lamda-Seven Group Shot

    Sector House Lamda-Seven Group Shot

  18. Enforcer WIP 1

    Enforcer WIP 1

  19. Enforcer WIP 2

    Enforcer WIP 2

  20. Enforcer WIP 3

    Enforcer WIP 3