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  1. KungFuPanda

    YakTribe Christmas Exchange 2021! Roll up, roll up, get yer names in!

    Dang! Seems like I've missed that train once again. Is there any chance to hop in? Please, please, please /begging in ecstatic agony/
  2. KungFuPanda

    Yaktribe Christmas Exchange 2020 (it's time to sign up!)

    It was a pleasure as usual. Thanks guys for your initiative, for keeping this community alive. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Now I got four thugs squad:cool: Can't wait for next year Sorry it's the best picture I can share atm. Santa fell free to give us a better one if you got any
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  5. KungFuPanda

    Competition YakComp Leaderboard

    😁😅 The legendary number 9 headband
  6. KungFuPanda

    Competition YakComp Leaderboard

    Dude @CaptainDangerous , It's Afro Samourai! The plot was that the champion gets "the number one headband" but to challenge him first you must acquire "the number two headband". And here when the concurrence step in)
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  8. KungFuPanda

    Necromunda The ClockworkOrange Troll Lol Lol Lol Song

    I indeed can make not simply another one but a special MancInventor one. Just throw few ideas how exactly special he should be
  9. KungFuPanda

    Xmas mini exchange 2019 (yes, it's already that time!)

    O, come all ye, thirsty! I brought you revolution dirt cheap! Get in line, ye sonavagunz! Thank you, Santa!
  10. Secret San2019.jpg

    Secret San2019.jpg

  11. KungFuPanda

    Xmas mini exchange 2019 (yes, it's already that time!)

    Yoohoo, got mine today! Top notch to the door delivery thought almost forgot about what it may be and nearly cracked it open
  12. KungFuPanda

    Xmas mini exchange 2019 (yes, it's already that time!)

    I sent mine yesterday. In worst case it will be on the dot for Christmas
  13. KungFuPanda

    There's no school like oldschool - Halbling's Necromunda/Mordheim stuff

    They are stunning! Are they conversions or there are few third party products among?
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  15. KungFuPanda

    Xmas mini exchange 2019 (yes, it's already that time!)

    I've totally missed that one. It is quiet in advance this year. Please count me in if it's still not way too late.
  16. KungFuPanda

    Comment by 'KungFuPanda' in album '2 paint'

    Thanks! just few of them
  17. KungFuPanda

    Necromunda Sevastopol Sector terrain and gaming blog

    Thanks a lot! I got myself this terrain pack
  18. KungFuPanda

    Necromunda Captain's Log

    now that's The Captain D in all his majesty!