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  1. Casus

    Suggestion This gang builder is painful to use as a new player.

    You are more than welcome to develop your own tool that encompasses all that has been built here + whatever adjustments you feel would make it even better. Drop by when you're done and let us know how it went. ;)
  2. Casus

    N18 Forget top tier, what is the worst gang list you can think of?

    Psyker heavy Delaque, no nachtghuls or web weapons. Squishy, not much offensive punch, but lots of flavour to make it seem interesting without really having any in game impact.
  3. Casus

    Necromunda Casus' Necromunda Gang Projects

    YakComp 43 - MOAR BEASTMEN!
  4. Casus

    Competition Yakcomp 43 "Future shock!"

    I'm in! This will unfortunately be the last YakComp I can enter until ~Fall 2023... Been wanting to build a "Beastgrinder Cult" for a while now - Here's the start: Will post in progress over to my projects thread.
  5. Beastgrinder Cult - Assembly (YakComp 43 - Future Shock)

    Beastgrinder Cult - Assembly (YakComp 43 - Future Shock)

  6. Beastgrinder Cult (YakComp 43 - Future Shock)

    Beastgrinder Cult (YakComp 43 - Future Shock)

  7. Casus

    Comment by 'Casus' in media 'Comp 37 - Grox Herders (Assembly)'

    Indeed - Good eye! Kromlech confederate heads, ad mech arms / weapons / bits, Respirator from cadian command squad and bodies from Wrath of Kings miniatures I found in a clearance bin! To tie them in to their herding role I also added dark elf drake cloaks (with the hide-look).
  8. Casus

    Competition Yakcomp 43 "Future shock!"

    I think this also would have worked for @Tiny 's "Sid" (Build using 50% toys) Comp theme too!!!
  9. Casus

    Competition Yakcomp 43 "Future shock!"

    So is it just @The Tailor we're looking for a comp theme suggestion from at this point?
  10. BlackstoneExplorers-Nov7-RatlingTwins14jv.jpg


  11. Casus

    Competition Yakcomp 43 "Future shock!"

    My theme suggestion for YC43:
  12. Screenshot_20220625-174949_Chrome.jpg


  13. Casus

    N18 How are you discussing gangs & loadouts?

    Agreed - some skills are not optimal ("garbage skill"), that is a facet of the game we are trying to foster - fun, narrative, diverse, interesting. Does that mean some gangs will definitely end up with sub-optimal skills? Sure. Arguably, some have pretty garbage skill options from the get-go...
  14. Casus

    N18 How are you discussing gangs & loadouts?

    I think it's natural for critique to focus on the "power" side of things - if you are making a rule-of-cool gang, you don't need any feedback because you're outfitting your dudes with gear you think is cool / fun. If you're asking for advice on loadouts, it's probably because you are looking...
  15. Casus

    Competition YakComp 42 "Mind is quicker than the eye"

    Az'goreth applies spook-laced baldwax to his shiny dome, gathers up his choir of whispering kin, and with a waggle of thin eyebrows triumphantly proclaims: "EVEN, EVEN, EVEN, EVEN, ODD, EVEN, EVEN, EVEN, EVEN, ODD!"
  16. Casus

    Competition YakComp 42 "Mind is quicker than the eye"

    So the standard Delaque Psychoteric Wyrm... well let's face it, it looks kind of like a pissed off garden hose. Not the most intimidating thing in the Underhive. Here is my entry: “Doom-Screech” Az’Goreth (+ Chomps, his Psychoteric Ravager Wyrm), House Delaque Psyker: The servo-injector...
  17. YakComp #42 -  Doom-Screech Az'Goreth + Chomps

    YakComp #42 - Doom-Screech Az'Goreth + Chomps

  18. Psychoteric Wyrm? Pshhhh.

    Psychoteric Wyrm? Pshhhh.

  19. Casus

    Necromunda Casus' Necromunda Gang Projects

    Thanks all - I appreciate the feedback. Tomorrow: Primer!