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  1. draakeragon

    GW is planning new Specailist Games minis?

    What is dreadfleet? I've only read an article in the White Dwarf about it.
  2. draakeragon

    Necromunda The ClockworkOrange Troll Lol Lol Lol Song

    When do I get to steal that territory? That plasmalamp is simply divine!
  3. draakeragon

    Necromunda TakUnderhand's Down Hive Alchemy Lab

    I like converting gangers. But this is a whole new level of scratchbuilding!
  4. draakeragon

    New Delaque Gang

    If youre playing with the NCE rules you can upgrade the flamer to a heavy flamer for some extra fun! (Do give him a autopistol backup though!)
  5. draakeragon

    Necromunda Scumb4g's Cawdor

    How did you make the backpacks some off the models have?
  6. draakeragon

    Ignoring ammo checks while using sustained fire

    Unless you are playing delaque right?
  7. draakeragon

    Fresh Cawdor Gang, first Draft

    I think Cardyfreak takes something to become that size!
  8. draakeragon

    Territory worth

    Can you inplement the Territory thing from the outlanders where you can ditch your territory in exchange for another roll?
  9. draakeragon

    Planetary defence force troopers?

    Well At least it's gotten more logical that every faction has it's own weapons. What isn't logical is that a powerfist for a spacemarine (Who gets str 8 out of it) Costs 25 Points. A Tempestus Scion sargeant can also buy a powerfist for 25 points (but he only gets Str 6 out of it) Is that just...
  10. draakeragon

    NCE Blind in both eyes?

    Well ad the whole chainsword/Lascannon thing. I don't think anything in the setting of 40K can even remotely be considered realistic!
  11. draakeragon

    GW is planning new Specailist Games minis?

    Can we leave real life politics out of it?
  12. draakeragon

    Define a Wounding Hit (split from Heavy Bolter query thread)

    Even the term "Wounding hit" is ambiguous. Does that mean each hit that wounds? Each hit that lowers the wound statistic? Each hit that causes a wound (Even if saved by armour?) Each wound that rolls on the serious injury table? Do template wounds count? Do wounds from scattered templates count?
  13. draakeragon

    Necromunda Alternative Necromunda Miniature Sources (image heavy)

    Make a platform/howdah on it and you're set!
  14. draakeragon

    Ignoring ammo checks while using sustained fire

    Since shots are so fast. We kinda have our own overwatch rules. Along anywhere in the movement we stop the model to take a shot at it. But if you want to "Rewind' a model that's fine too. If someone runs into cover. You tell your opponent you want to shoot at the model along a point he moved...
  15. draakeragon

    Fresh Cawdor Gang, first Draft

    Well I use a bolter in many games but the risk is the ammoroll at the expense of giving a basic armed ganger a STR4 shot. Many gangers hate getting shot by a str 4 weapon. Don't equip everyone with bolters. but you should concider one. Also for your leader. He has BS4 and WS4. If you arm him...
  16. draakeragon

    GW is planning new Specailist Games minis?

    I don't think it's real BTW
  17. draakeragon

    Heavy Bolter in LRB Clarification

    We use something like this: Roll sustained fire. e.g 4 hits. Each time you hit you roll a D3 e.g 4 X D3 (10 wounds) then you have to roll if those wounds wound. so 10 times 2+ Then you roll the injury.
  18. draakeragon

    Territory worth

    How about giving the player 1-3 re-rolls on the territory table?
  19. draakeragon

    Fresh Cawdor Gang, first Draft

    A leader can take a special weapon. You might think about that. Shotgun(s) are up to you. You have juves Great! Variety is the spice of live. Only lasguns is a bit expensive. Consider mixing. Lasgun(s) Autogun(s), Shotgun(s)< Maybe a hunting rifle. Maybe give the flamer ganger an Autogun...