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  1. The Tailor

    YakComp 50 (Really! FIFTY!) - A Godly Erection!

    They’re resin printed but I order the same type of resin in multiple colours and I mix them when I use up a bottle and go to the next. I had a few ones nearly empty so that’s why there is so many colours. I think that all of that terrain cost me about 20/25£ of resin and considering it’s just...
  2. The Tailor

    YakComp 50 (Really! FIFTY!) - A Godly Erection!

    I’m going for the 3d printing as I’m a dab hand at designing it now I’ve been looking for a excuse to do this and with a few lucky breaks in my time off work and this contest I’m in peak place for it...
  3. IMG_2005.jpeg


    Pretty happy with how the board is turning out.
  4. IMG_2004.jpeg


    I have all of the fences done now, look at that gate, love the skull on it.
  5. IMG_2002.jpeg


    Most of the fences done
  6. IMG_2001.jpeg


    Some statues sculpted
  7. A godly internment ,

    A godly internment ,

    I plan to win this one by the shear quantity of designs I’m going to do. I will win on a overwhelming wave of supremely sculpted and terribly painted terrain.
  8. The Tailor

    YakComp 50 (Really! FIFTY!) - A Godly Erection!

    I will be going a similar route with the gardens of Morr, i have always wanted a set and the prices now are too much that it is oop for a full battlefield, so i will be trying to build one myself. and might as well go all out for this competition! only issue might be making that centre point...
  9. The Tailor

    YakComp 48 - Musical Interlude

    AHH YES THE BUTTOCKS MUST BE SCULPTED FIRST. It's slowly becoming clear, Baby Got Back song? sir mix a lot indeed, your denial only makes me more sure
  10. The Tailor

    YakComp 48 - Musical Interlude

    I am not sure which song yet but the song option is so unique its got my vote!
  11. The Tailor

    YakComp 47 - One Shot, One Kill!

    I'm in ! I've been looking for a chance to design some alternatives to the aos orc Beast - skewer killbow im feeling confident on this one top three at least!!!
  12. The Tailor

    The Tailors painting journal

    photos for my entry into yakcomp came so close to time out...
  13. Screenshot 2023-05-14 100258.png

    Screenshot 2023-05-14 100258.png

  14. Screenshot 2023-05-14 123451.png

    Screenshot 2023-05-14 123451.png

  15. Screenshot 2023-05-14 153954.png

    Screenshot 2023-05-14 153954.png

  16. Screenshot 2023-05-14 163111.png

    Screenshot 2023-05-14 163111.png

  17. Screenshot 2023-05-14 182432.png

    Screenshot 2023-05-14 182432.png

  18. Screenshot 2023-05-14 191540.png

    Screenshot 2023-05-14 191540.png

  19. The Tailor

    YakComp 46 - Feed Me Seymore!

    leaving it to the last second to try and add more details.. so the paint is still drying when i took these photos but really wanted to enter this one. my own version of the Slopper Model designed in 3d, printed and painted, ready to serve a mean meso soup.
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