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    N18 Van Saar nerf, lower toughness?

    @TopsyKretts Buy a bag of off-brand Lego, assemble a bunch of rectangular "crates" and "boxes" and dump a handful on your board. Both pictures you've shared include nearly 0 scatter terrain. If you want a game that doesn't need terrain, try X-Wing, I guess?
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    N18 Table set-ups?

    Yeah, those tents are awesome. Are they scratch-built, 3D-printed, or a product from somewhere @pathatrick ?
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    N18 Table set-ups?

    Here are some board setups I played on from 2017-2018. These were pretty early in my core group's Newcromunda era (you can see bits and pieces getting painted from one pic to the next) and I wish I had more recent ones, because we upped our game significantly. Then covid shut us down. :(
  4. Necromunda Table Setups 2018ish

    Necromunda Table Setups 2018ish

    Some in-progress pictures of a terrain collection in use
  5. DcyQpMGVMAEeHjk.jpg


    Necromunda table setup
  6. DZu6EfeWAAArET6.jpg


    Necromunda table setup
  7. s0lrxtozsfx01.jpg


    Necromunda table setup
  8. sg4a74ev7j811.jpg


    Necromunda table setup
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    N18 Table set-ups?

    This is an S Tier tip for anyone who isn't setting up their board that way! Ladders should be sprinkled liberally across a table after the initial setup, like salt on fries. It counteracts deadly fire-lanes by giving fighters more subtle ways to move around the board. I think it's even better...
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    N18 Table set-ups?

    But the example from Fallout is specifically not using TLOS.
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    N18 Table set-ups?

    It sounds like you're against TLOS, not +/- terrain! (which is good, because TLOS has always been terrible, and inferior to a system that uses silhouettes and/or default size categories)
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    N18 Table set-ups?

    That seems like a retroactive galaxy brain rationalization to make your vision of the game baseline-tenable in the face of an overwhelming and obvious contradiction. ie. You: Shooting is so powerful it makes the game unplayable Others: You're not using enough terrain You: Uhhh... well... using...
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    Development discussion

    Thanks for posting additional information, @JawRippa Your ruleset is badass, visually slick, and more comprehensively written than any GW product (which is all the more impressive because you were much of it unassisted). All of my discomfort about it (beyond a personal preference for some of...
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    Radical YCE: melee

    Ok... but doesn't that make the sequence of events, 1. Decide to make a community edition 2. Decide to call it YCE 3. Decide to base the final decisions on collaboration 4. Decide to poll players to determine the extent of changes 5. Decide to cancel 3. 6. Decide to cancel 4. 7. Call it YCE...
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    Radical YCE: melee

    I guess it's my unease at you co-opting the YCE moniker that keeps me returning to the threads. I reviewed some of the 2020 player polling from this forum. Something like ~15% of players desired serious changes to melee, WS impact, etc. Your rules do not reflect the desires of polled...
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    Radical YCE: melee

    When I look at the sum total of the YCE offering I come away with the feeling, "well, might as well just make a shooting gang," though. In the 3-4 campaigns I've played since 2018 I always strove to have at least one GEARED melee fighter, and 1-3 melee-centric gangers. Even when I was using the...
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    Radical YCE: melee

    It's no less used than BS, really. It's just more difficult to get a charge than it is to get a shot. I brought up the juking stuff to poke fun at what I think is an unintentional consequence of making rules like this. Namely, that you're now compelled to imagine somebody like a 400 pound...
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    Radical YCE: melee

    Does anyone think Interference should apply to defense rolls? After all, verisimilitude. What about weapon types? Seems hard to parry blows if you're armed with a whip and a pistol, or an industrial saw, or a flail a spiderman gauntlet.... Verisimilitude. Or maybe we're meant to imagine...
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    Radical YCE: melee

    Can you think of any reason a Juve would charge a high WS/A target in your system? ... ... It's near-guaranteed suicide. You'd be throwing the Juve away in your own turn, and setting up the opposing fighter to do something dangerous in their own turn.
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    (Finished!) YCE Rulebook draft (Proofread,Discussion)

    No, I think you're totally correct there, and I feel bad about criticizing your end results when your effort and formatting skills are so admirable. It's also unrealistic to hold a fan-made ruleset to the ideal of collaboration achieved by an actual company. Nobody involved in fan-made rules is...