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  1. Precinct 41

    Precinct 41

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    Question Adding named Characters

    Okay, is my brain dumb or am I missing something? In the Gang Manager, how can I add named characters like Krotos Hark or Ragnir Gunnstein?
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  6. the plague2.jpg

    the plague2.jpg

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    Bug Enforcers Not Displaying Equipment

    Malo, the Emperor walks with you.
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    Bug Enforcers Not Displaying Equipment

    Well, @Malo is just one dude. I have faith in his ability to sweet talk the Machine Spirits.
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    Bug Enforcers Not Displaying Equipment

    Hopefully the Techpriests can get to it soonish. I have a powerful need to clean up the Underhive.
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    N17 Seth's gangs, new things, general underhive PLOG!

    Those Van Saars kick tail, I want to fight them
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    Punktaku’s Parade of (mostly) Imperial Agents

    Dude, those models rock!
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    Bug Enforcers Not Displaying Equipment

    Currently, the Enforcer Shotgun and Grenade Launcher do not show up in a fighter's statline, or card.
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  14. Serpents


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    Female Orlocks Idea

    Bad Squiddo has some great stuff. It's where I got a bunch of my Guard tank commanders from.
  16. The Plague

    The Plague

  17. The Squad

    The Squad

  18. FlyDog's Gangs

    FlyDog's Gangs

    My mins?