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  1. Strobe

    Multiverse Gaming's MDF Terrain (mostly scatter) - review

    Oh, I totally agree they are way better than they used to be. I think a combination kit of MDF structure and a single sprue of plastic details to be added similar to the Maelstrom's Edge terrain sprue would be a great way to get good, strong and cheap terrain. Not sure if you've seen the...
  2. Strobe

    Multiverse Gaming's MDF Terrain (mostly scatter) - review

    Looking forward to the reviews. I have a slight dislike of MDF kits because they always come out looking like, well, MDF kits. Nothing wrong with them if you like the aesthetic but I'm keen to see how these come out. The design looks like it will disguise the construction material well.
  3. Strobe

    Necromunda My Miscellaneary

    Those are some mighty fine looking tokens. Bravo.
  4. Strobe

    N17 Alternative Ambot model?

    The Epirian Hunter from Maelstrom's Edge might be a good basis for a conversion or kitbash. Looks like it would be about the right size, pretty cheap, nice modular parts.
  5. Strobe

    Necromunda TribeMeet AUS 2019

    I guess it isn't worth the hassle then :) Thanks for the advise.
  6. Strobe

    Necromunda TribeMeet AUS 2019

    Would anyone else be interested in a physical copy of NCE and NCE Outlanders? I was thinking we could get a couple printed somewhere and then distribute them at Tribemeet AUS. If anyone is Australia has had a copy or two printed up could you let me know where, costs and how good it is as a game...
  7. Strobe

    Necromunda Alternative Necromunda Miniature Sources (image heavy)

    Victoria Miniatures current mini of the month is, in my opinion, a pretty good fit for Necromunda. Colonel Ash Ironside:
  8. Strobe

    Necromunda The ClockworkOrange Troll Lol Lol Lol Song

    Whilst I haven't seen it done for lascannon flash I have had great success using water effects (the stiff paste type one used for wave crests, I used Woodland Scenics brand) to make icicles. Since it is acrylic you can add an ink to colour it if you want fancy green, red or whatever. Here is a...
  9. Icicles


    Icicles made with Woodland Scenics Water Effects.
  10. Generally Modelling

    Generally Modelling

  11. Strobe

    Suggestion An RPG Section

    It's more that the different people you play as have different resources. For example, in Rogue Trader you have a big financial backing so don't have money per se. You take a roll to get rare gear and the roll is how long it takes you to acquire it. I haven't played Deathwatch but I would be...
  12. Strobe

    NCE Necromunda Community Edition

    I am in support of this idea. It would help to have an official optional gang expansion.
  13. Strobe

    Necromunda TribeMeet AUS 2019

    I'm certainly interested (x2, Yakwife also interested) but I must admit that this particular date/time might be difficult as we're currently building a house which will be finished around that time. Tentative yes for two? Definitely I would be interested in spectating but actually having models...
  14. Strobe

    N17 A Bit of Painting and Modelling

    I'd definitely find something to rest the Heavy Bolter on. I made the mistake of a front heavy model before. They tend to go diving off catwalks during battles. Nice looking models!
  15. Strobe

    Necromunda Jonbo's Necromunda Miscellany (p19 Venator Servitor Ogryn)

    I really like 'em. It's a great blend of techno-fantasy that fits in Necromunda so well.
  16. Strobe

    Necromunda Alternative Necromunda Miniature Sources (image heavy)

    Those trolls get in everything don't they? Those look like some fine miniatures for Necromunda.
  17. Strobe

    N17 Tales from the hive

    Very impressive. I find that these little details really lock in the atmosphere of a wargame.
  18. Strobe

    Necromunda The Sump: General hobby venting thread (Beware: old men shouting at clouds)

    As an Australian there is just no way I can justify the prices. Yeah, they are "official" parts but many people who play Necromunda are quite adept at conversions and kit bashing. When a Forgeworld set of arms and guns is $40 AUD plus shipping and I can get something pretty nice from, say...
  19. Strobe

    NCE Old or new rules?

    The random skills/upgrades in NCE (and ORB for that matter) and one of the features I like the most. Having gangers with non-optimal but sometimes surprising skills really helps with developing character for the models beyond "this is my lasgun sniper". I've been playing Bloodbowl recently and...
  20. Strobe

    Necromunda in Australia?

    I'd probably be willing to zip down to Melbourne for a Tribemeet type thing. I'm squarely in the NCE of things. Many of the people I play with left the GW in a sour way. We use whatever models we feel are appropriate and are quite casual about the whole thing.