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    N18 Beginners Question Box

    I'm just trying to get started in this. I got House of Artifice, I picked up a digital copy of the rule book off of the GW site, and now I'm trying to figure out tactics cards. I saw there are something like 300 of them and barely any of them are in print anymore. How does everyone else...
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    N18 New to N18 - Van Saar questions

    I was a Van Saar player back in the 90s and I have to say, it makes me sad looking at the box options. Everyone is hating on the plasma abuse, but for new players now, that's really all they give us in the box. I'd love to have some flamers and meltas to throw into the mix. Sadly, I have to...
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    Bug Vansar Archeotek charged for first Cybernetica

    Just ran across the same issue. I just put a note that the cost for him is less the amount of the item. I believe it also states that it doesn't increase his worth or the worth of the gang.