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    New Rules Incoming - 40k

    Must admit, i did really like the force org mechanic. As said previously, why would armies field just one type of unit? No doubt players will spam a combo and then GW will just have to FAQ. Overall though i am optimistic. As someone who played 2nd to 3rd and then rejoined at 9th i was appalled...
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    N18 Helot starting gang

    So i dont think you can start with a specialist, new recruits can just be equipped with special weapons. With the witch look out for the powers in the book of outcast, theres some crackers in it. I wouldnt bother with the flak armour, either go for mesh or save the credits.
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    N18 Helot Cult Gangs - do we still get Specialists?

    So the consensus is due to that line in the Book of Outcast that my Chaos Helot Witch has one primary skill and one Wyrd Power at the start?
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    N18 Helot Cult Gangs - do we still get Specialists?

    Ah ok, seems that its been doing the rounds for quote a while. I couldnt see anything to suggest you could have both before, always took it as Wyrd powers can be selected as skills and you get one skill i.e. a Wyrd power at creation.
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    N18 Helot Cult Gangs - do we still get Specialists?

    When was it added to say that you can have one skill and one wyrd power at creation?
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    N18 Are wyrd powers an attack (i.e. in regard to Nerves of Steel)?

    Thematically it makes sense, Nerves of Steel suggests the fighter simply doesn't care about the incoming fire so stays standing. Seismic attacks though physically knock a fighter over, it isnt a matter of mental fortitude. So a power that physically knocks over a fighter appears to negate Nerves...
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    N18 The phase weapon trait is really strong. Help me nerf it.

    I would Second the above. We have a Death Maiden in our group who completely wrecks, just wipes out anything it charges, and it has spring up and now an 8 inch move! Are you using any impassable terrain in your games? e.g. terrain it couldn't fly over?
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    N18 Palanite Hardened Flak minimum pen value. Is it +1 or -1

    i get what you are saying, but my point is that its a redundant item that i cant see anyone purchasing unless they had no choice, its outclassed in almost every way by mesh armour.
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    N18 Palanite Hardened Flak minimum pen value. Is it +1 or -1

    Ok so -2 blast templates it has a benefit. But that's super niche, that still means that generally mesh offers a flat better save for lower cost?
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    N18 Palanite Hardened Flak minimum pen value. Is it +1 or -1

    I always thought that Hardened was next to useless? this means that for example against a bolter you get no save? which is same as flak, but costs more? Mesh armour is cheaper and gives a better save, what am i missing?
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    N18 Rapid fire rad phage

    logically i think of it like poison, say you got hit with a poisoned dart, you could get hit by several darts but you still only poisoned the once, i.e. move from not poisoned to poisoned, you are under the status of 'poisoned' singular.
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    N18 Regulated income in campaigns

    We are running an 'Income Tax' where you are taxed a percentage of all your income based on Gang Rating, the top bracket being you only keep 25% of your winnings. The rationale is that the more and better equipment/gangers/weapons the more it would cost to upkeep.
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    N18 The favours of the dark gods?

    I've always played this as you gain the benefits until you try and switch allegiance as it states that you can start with the gods favour. I dont believe it says that you need to do the ritual to maintain this favour?
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    N18 Law & Misrule Campaign - Archeotech Auctioning

    Question to the Tribe: a) Can the racket allow any ganger to use one of the imperial weapons? b) Do you have to give a weapon to a fighter and that weapon must remain with that fighter until the racket is lost c) Can you change what weapon you have every game as long as you still only have...
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    N18 "Fixing" House of Blades

    Its always interesting to hear differing opinions, In our group Escher absolutely wiped the floor with the other gangs. So much so i was interested in reading how anyone could consider them the weakest gang!
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    N18 Lost credits after removing a gang member

    Just add a new ganger instead of purchasing
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    N18 House of Artifice (General discussion)

    I'm in the UK, honestly the only copy i have found online was someone chancing their luck with an asking price of £199! Guess it must be a UK shortage unless anybody else knows of a place that has it in stock?
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    N18 House of Artifice (General discussion)

    Hello All, Probably asked before, but anybody happen to know whats happening with the House of Artifice Book re; availability? Ive been trying to buy this for a couple of months but no stock anywhere
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    N18 Question About Chaos Corrupted Gangs

    Specific Question, when creating a chaos created gang, is the favour granted to the leader (e.g. Nurgle +1 wound) part of the max cap towards that stat, or is that the base line? e.g. could a plague god gang leader start with 3 wounds and through the campaign advance to get 4 wounds?