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    Comment by 'Gabagoolioni' in media 'Juice’s Angels'

    I love this model.. How did you make it?
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    Escher Gang Images
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    N18 Necrodamus/Bookromunda (rules compilations)

    If I view the /pdf/ folder I can see that it's the latest version, unfortunately it still points me to 30-11-22 when download it. Maybe it would be worth changing the filename so that the link is different as there could be some database error/corruption?
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    Update Underhive Tools Development

    I notice that under settings there is an option for ruleset. Are there any plans for things like CE or Bookromunda to add custom rulesets (which really will just be a new set of costs and statlines en-masse)?
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    Suggestion Non-point Retinue toggle For Hired Guns

    When playing in a Law and Misrule campaign, Guild bonds and hired gun boons are pretty common. Lawful alignment gangs have access to an extremely useful toggle switch that allows you to remove the gang from your roster, and thereby your points. The same racket owned by a unlawful character...
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    Suggestion Racket Randomisation (like Territories)

    The ability to automatically generate/shuffle/populate rackets and assign them to players as part of campaign management (exactly the same as it's done for Territories) would be extremely useful and time saving. Having it also highlight racket links/how many links each racket has would also be...
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    Bug Two Bugs (Subjugator Shotgun & Road Sergeant Skill)

    Just a couple of bugs/Errors I've found and wanted to make a record of. The Orlock gang leader has Savant as a secondary skill in Yaktribe, where House of Iron has it marked up as Primary. Secondly the Subjugator ranks can buy Enforcer Boltguns/Shotguns.
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    Update Underhive Tools Development

    So a few issues have occurred within my group in relation to the usage of yaktribes tool, Such as the Orlock gang leader having Savant as a secondary skill, where House of Iron has it marked up as Primary, item price differences, equipment availability etc.. Is there a list of EXACTLY what...
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    N18 Corpse Grinder and Trading Post

    No decent rules for enforcers in dominion campaigns solidifies that they don't understand Enforcers and CGC are different to houses imo.