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  1. Tensounder54

    N18 Ash Waste Short Range Bonus Removal

    Do you have an AWN player? If you do then it's for them because nearly all their basic weapons have a bonus to long range rather than short range. Without that rule AWN can feel a tad gimped. But as Lunarcruiser said, it's also to represent how it's probably harder to shoot in a sandstorm.
  2. Tensounder54

    N18 Mounts in the hive

    This is one of the things that's annoying me about playing AWN right now. They're invis, storms and melee mechanics are completely half-baked outside of the AW campaign yet you suggest that they may need some house rules to be fun to play outside of the AW campaign you get told that they're...
  3. Tensounder54

    Necrons for 1st Edition

    The problem I see here is that Necrons don't really fit into the format of Necromunda due to the nature of their lore of non HQ units not having any free will even before 5E of 40k. So I'd say it'll work if you're using them as an arbitrator tool. Otherwise it'll get really complicated to get it...
  4. Tensounder54

    N18 Heavy Carapace Armour and how that effects Ash Waste Nomads Arthromite Duneskuttlers

    In the Book of the Outlands, Ash Waste Nomads Arthromite Duneskuttlers come with Heavy Carapace Armour by default. The RAW states that: I see two versions of the RAI here. Please help me decide which interpretation is correct. 1) "Wearing the armour permenatnly reduces the fighters inititive...
  5. Tensounder54

    N18 What does everyone think of the new Ash Waste Apocrypha rules?

    (Note: take what I say here assuming that your arbitator allows you to count stormcallers for dice roll on these special rules. Oh further to what I just mentioned I do think that the "one per battle rule" is slightly problematic in that if playing with the RAW and running one leader and three...
  6. Tensounder54

    N18 What does everyone think of the new Ash Waste Apocrypha rules?

    So I asked my campaign group if I could have my Stormcallers use it and was told no. Which basically shuts down my already difficult idea of trying to play melee nomads with a leader with overseer, two stormcallers and seven dust riders. Basically the most meta build for AWN when you can't run...
  7. Tensounder54

    N18 What does everyone think of the new Ash Waste Apocrypha rules?

    It's a real shame that Stormcallers can't take these. There's some really really nice stuff here that could massivly benifit the power or a AWN melee comp using Stormcalers and Prospectors. Otherwise yeah no these are real nice.
  8. Tensounder54

    N18 Ash Waste Nomads

    Interesting you're skipping on the prospectors and the stormcallers. We're using Mounted units in every senario. I sometimes can't field them though if the objective is up a ladder. Worth looking into as fighter types though and what you can do with them. There's a perticularly nasty combo you...