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    N18 Pinning and the Mounted condition

    S Putting it another way… Shooting Steps: DECLARE THE RANGED ATTACK CHECK THE RANGE MAKE THE HIT ROLL TARGET IS PINNED: When a Standing Active fighter is hit by a ranged attack, they are automatically Pinned. NERVES OF STEEL: If Pinned when hit by a ranged attack, pass a Cool test...
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    N18 Pinning and the Mounted condition

    Fair enough. Here is how I read it: Step 1: fighter is hit Step 2: fighter is mounted, replace 'automactically pinned' with 'I get knocked down' test. Step 3: Fighter fails Initiative Test, becoming Prone and Pinned. As Nerves of Steel states “Pass a Cool test when hit by a ranged attack to...
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    N18 Pinning and the Mounted condition

    I’m not disagreeing with how you want to play the rules, or that it’s stupid to negate rules… I’m simply stating RAW. You may be surprised when other people have different ways of playing, so be ready to Arbitrate if that’s your role.
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    N18 Pinning and the Mounted condition

    I disagree with the consensus above. The “I Get Knocked Down” rules supersede the normal rules for being Pinned when hit. Instead, when hit you take an Initiative check to see if the Fighter becomes Pinned. Thus, RAW: Nerves of Steel has no effect. In order to use Spring Up, the Mounted...
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    N18 Can hidden characters shoot?

    What is a “detection check”?
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    N18 Movement through Sector Mechanicus

    This rule is in reference to “jumping” across gaps. If the gap is narrow enough, no Initiative test is need to move across. You still would fall down through said gap if Pinned within 1”. The rest of the above, while sensible, is still arbitrary, and a house rule, since Necromunda doesn’t...
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    N18 Tracking Revealed condition when using Visibility X rule in Ash Wastes scenarios?

    I’m not sure what your question is here. The following ignore or modify Visibility: Fighter can shoot Target within 12” when equipped with an infra-scope, photo-goggles, or photo-lumens… which means they only have an impact when Visibility is less than 12”. Also, any of the following means a...
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    N18 Uprising campaign rules

    Or, you and two friends can spend 15-30 minutes metagaming a campaign, giving you data to put into the YT Campaign Manager. That should give you enough confidence to run any campaign.
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    N18 Movement through Sector Mechanicus

    Couldn’t figure out how to edit my post, but I found a better way to post photos:
  10. Rule Visualization

    Rule Visualization

    Photos for clarifying Necromunda rule questions
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    Medium base in SM
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    Small base in SM
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    N18 Movement through Sector Mechanicus

    I couldn’t find anything on this elsewhere in the forum… I recently had a campaign game, which is throwing people together from lots of places, which has lead to some rule discussions. I think we can all agree this Escher model can fit between these two Sector Mechanicus columns...