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  1. Kyreid

    N18 Beginners Question Box

    cheers spent a while popping them in. just very thankful there is only 4 of us for it... haha
  2. Kyreid

    N18 Beginners Question Box

    This may or may not be the correct place to ask but after a bit of poke around i coulnd't find anything on this; I'm trying to set up an Aranthian Succession campaign but the underhive campaign manager only gives options for out lands or rule/misrule. Am I missing a trick to this or is it a case...
  3. Kyreid

    Time to finish this cycle with a bang...

    Time to finish this cycle with a bang...
  4. Kyreid

    Gang War 3 Scenarios

    Yeah the arbitrator wasn’t too pleased to find my gang jumped almost 1000 credits after loot and level ups. I’ve written a sort of group errata for it so stuff like this should hopefully be kept to a minimum. But I think the big thing that didn’t help was it was a 8 on 4 game :/
  5. Kyreid

    Gang War 3 Scenarios

    I managed to get a game of trading caravan in last night and it was definitely interesting. I was playing an 8 man Van Saar gang against a slightly depleted 5 man chaos cult. By turn 2 most of the cultist were either OOA or pinned. I kept running people around and riding the caravan... it got...
  6. Kyreid

    'Maxed Credit Farming' Gang for Campaign play

    Unless it’s been FaQ’d you could house rule itbthat the previous iteration stands? I know that’s what we have done
  7. Kyreid

    Question Profile picture

    This was really helpful to know :) was setting my account up earlier and wondered why I couldn’t add the avatar :)
  8. Kyreid

    N17 Van Saar Forgeworld kits revealed

    Ordered all 3 and another load of gangers, gonna use this to build the wardrobe variants of my leader Rex... now to get the credits to fill said wardrobe lol :)
  9. Kyreid

    New to N17. Request for Van Saar advice!

    I second the Combi plasma it has dug me out of so many holes. Also champion with plasma and fast shot (take a spare weapon) to get the double firing plasma off a turn. And if you are really struggling overlord on a leader ;)
  10. Kyreid

    Long Rifle

    Tbh I think the galvanic rifle would work well with only minor tweaking. But I’m currently converting the arquebus to fit a Cawdor model. I know for my VS I’ll be using a long las style weapon :)
  11. Kyreid

    Van Saar - First attempt for a campaign event

    I used the plasma gun as a base, trimmed the bottom half of the nozzle away and cut the edging off of one of the las pistols, inverted it and popped it on. It works (even if it does look a little heavy) Leader - Rex by Kyreid posted Sep 10, 2018 at 10:18 PM
  12. Leader - Rex

    Leader - Rex

    Combi plasma and shield.
  13. Black Star Fives

    Black Star Fives

    My Van Saar necromunda gang for a local campaign
  14. Kyreid

    'Maxed Credit Farming' Gang for Campaign play

    See I like this idea. My champion got an advancement out of the first game picking up savvy trader on a dice roll. But he did start with hot shot and a plasma gun. I know it’s a VS gang but I’m starting to look at non game relevant items and skills Now :)
  15. Kyreid

    Van Saar 2nd champion skill?

    That’s not a bad, atm my gang has wracked up a very large volume of credits in one game. Mainly downtown some lucky dice rolls and an amazingly written GM campaign game :) holding up a corner shop HAha
  16. Kyreid

    Van Saar 2nd champion skill?

    Hello all, I wanted to pick everyone’s brains on a skill for my second champion. We have just started a campaign and at the end of my first game I acquired a second champion. I already have a champion with plasma gun and fast shot and a leader with overlord. The second champion is equipped with...
  17. Kyreid

    Khimerix model?

    One can only hope that an easy way out will appear but I feel we may be trying to convert or 3rd party for a while :)
  18. Kyreid

    Van Saar Plasma Cannon experiences?

    Looks amazing mate, was going to start on a conversion fro my library of spare gangers and then FW announced the kit. But it’s great hearing everyone’s experiences, for now though I may just sit with my fast shot plasma champ :)
  19. Kyreid

    Exotic Beasts - Your experiences?

    I have used the Vs spider and it worked well keeping my leader safe while he barked out orders. A few of the other gangs in our campaign are starting to invest and I watched the Cawdor bomb rat last night with great hilarity.
  20. Kyreid

    Ideas for building a Van Saar Arachni-rig?

    I really do love this, have started making progress with one similar :)