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    N18 [Baseless speculation] What will be the next 'Book of...' and 'quarterly Plastic kit' for Necro?

    I reckon the next one will be covering the Ash Wastes and Nomands, etc. There seemed to be more art for that shown off at GW events earlier this year. I just pray it isn't more bounty hunters!
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    N18 New books to be expected

    I'd quite like to see a novel focused on the enforcers at some point in the future. Definitely will check those out too!
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    N18 Enforcer Shotgun on Gang Cards

    Just an error in the way they've been added, I think it'll be fixed pretty soon so don't worry.
  4. Cthonian Headhunters

    Cthonian Headhunters

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  10. Concept Art

    Concept Art

  11. NCPD - The Law.

    NCPD - The Law.

    My Venators gang of Necromundan enforcers