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  1. challenger001

    Gateway to Galargos - Pigmar Bath Necromunda Campaign 2024

    First time making a campaign thread, please do stick your noses in and let me know if I've missed anything, or ways I could improve this. So! I have been asked to be Arbitrator for a campaign being run by my local wargames group here in North-East Somerset, and after much deliberation I decided...
  2. challenger001


    Not great pictures, sorry. But was browsing this forum, saw this thread, and remembered I'd snapped a few pictures for some friends on Discord - the first unit I've finished all year, some Traitor Guard/Blooded Kill Team. Needs varnishing, as soon as it's not sopping wet outside.
  3. challenger001

    Suggestion Yak Chat/Discord future

    I'm a regular user of Discord but I don't know how much I got out of the Yaktribe discord itself. I think having the forums to browse through is probably better. I didn't realise there was a larger Necromunda discord, but if that exists with more people I'd use that if I was on mobile, and the...
  4. challenger001

    Necromunda A New Juve taking his first steps

    Thanks! Yes, the initial idea was to have kitbash all the gangs, but then I found that slowly wasn't an option and I'm almost running 'half power' gangs at this point. Mind you the Goliaths don't approve, I'm on my third strip of them now? Hopefully I can get all the models I have to an...
  5. challenger001

    Necromunda A New Juve taking his first steps

    It's been a while, goodness. Fortunately, I've now actually -played- a game of Necromunda, and got a lot more done. Excuse the glare in these pictures and the potato quality. It hides the awful paintjob. I ended up trying to kitbash my Eschers with Sisters of Silence - some of it didn't work...
  6. challenger001

    Necromunda A New Juve taking his first steps

    Hello, it's me again! So I was a good Juve and Primarch Claus came to give good visits at the bottom of my Standard Issue Cot, which included the N17 box - but me being me, I wanted to kitbash the lot of it. I had a few... interesting results. So first off, the Goliaths. Not going to lie, I...
  7. challenger001

    Scumb4g's Projects

    God, this is beautiful stuff. Keep it up!
  8. challenger001

    N18 Another underhive ganger thread

    Man, I really need to get the Catachan sprue to play around with it. Gone through at least four Cadian ones making my 40K armies so this will be a change. Lovely models for sure, and looking forward to seeing more from! Where did the trousers come from on the heavy?
  9. challenger001

    Necromunda A New Juve taking his first steps

    Sorry for the silence everyone. Stuff happened. Anyway! I'm more or less at a stage I'd call them 'tabletop ready' and am happy to call it there for the moment. The full gang (Excuse the awful pictures, I've kinda forgotten how to use my camera, so just sticking with my phone for now)...
  10. challenger001

    Necromunda A New Juve taking his first steps

    Thank you! I think I already am. I've tried to get hard into 40K but I keep gravitating towards smaller skirmish style stuff. I loved doing crazy stuff for my Skitarii during Shadow War: Armageddon, I still have the tech-priest I made out of a Necromancer in my box.
  11. challenger001

    Necromunda A New Juve taking his first steps

    Thanks to all the kind words and support! People wanted better pictures, and I've added a few more colours - in need of the gold for the hilts of the knives and then a wash of Reikland Fleshshade over the flesh, pink and yellow, but I figured doing the steps here would be good for me too to keep...
  12. challenger001

    Necromunda A New Juve taking his first steps

    I shall refrain from sharing my recipes of Bloat Toad smoothie then, but thank you! I'm very much new to sharing my miniatures online, but once I'm a little more confident I'm sure I'll be at a better level. I want to get some scenery on the go too.
  13. challenger001

    Necromunda A New Juve taking his first steps

    Hello Yaktribe! My name's Greg. I've been in the Citadel hobby for some 15 years now, and I've only just started Necromunda. I remember reading a White Dwarf campaign ages ago and found I really liked the idea of the small, highly customised gangs - but as a penniless orphan/filthy schoolboy at...