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  1. Olle Berglund

    N18 Scenario: Attack on precinct 95

    So Im thinking of running a skirmish multiplayer scenario this summer. The main idea is that the palatine enforcers of precinct 95 gets attacked by a coalition of other housegangs. So here is my ideas. Note its not done yet. BATTLEFIELD This scenario uses a 6x4' table and the terrain is...
  2. Olle Berglund


    So I went over the rules for the different types of enforcer armour and became a bit confused. Hardened Flak cost 20 and is a normal flak with the per that it reduce pen by 1 to a minimum of 1. Now the enforcers gets a armoured undersuit as well. So you start with a 5+ save 4+ if its blasts...
  3. Olle Berglund

    Bug Spyker Skills

    The Spykers Savant skill is listed at a 15 exp cost when it is a Primary skill.
  4. Olle Berglund

    Houserule for Versatile weapons

    I know there is a post about Cawdor Polearms but I have a problem with the Versatile trait in general. 1. It use Bs for a melee weapon 2. There is little to none benefit of "shooting" once at an opponent 2-3" away. You either move away, charge or shoot from a distance. So here is what I have...
  5. Olle Berglund

    Guardians of the 8th Cipher [Redemptionists]

    Hi! So after a long campain that is comming to a close soon here are my new Redemtionistgang. Switching from Delaque this will be really different since redemptionist really like short firerange weapons and melee...and are as subtle as an elefant in a ballroom. Here is the first pic of them...
  6. Olle Berglund

    My Gang is finnaly here!!

    Hia! Since I dont have the skills of paiting like @SirFrog I sent my lovley Delaque Gang The Saints to be painted by a good friend of mine. Still I would like to show them off and also get some CnC on them for my firend. There are a few small bits missing due to shipping and I havent put them...
  7. Olle Berglund

    Redemtionist: Expanded conversion rules

    Hi. As it s now me and my group thinks that the conversion rule that redemtionists hace are to powerfull. That said we all thinks its a cool rule. So here is my ide how to expand it. Each gangmember gets a + mod thats is his exp/100 round down. I.e. a member wirh 205 exp gains a +2 mod. Also...