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    New Night Goblin warband

    Hi Folks. I wrote this up recently at the request of some people playing in our local Mordheim campaign as they weren't fans of the existing Night Goblin lists that were available. Please feel free to give them a try. Any coments positive or negative appreciated...
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    GMG Video Battle Report - Marienburgers vs. Witch Hunters!

    In my last local campaign, my mercenary captain was killed by a Witch Hunter Warhound. His epitaph reads- "He died as he lived...poorly"
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    Is this a good List?

    The only advice I would give you is to mix it up a bit. Don't arm everyone the same because it will be boring to play, experiment with some different weapon options...try a flail or a halberd or a morning star for giggles. try a couple of henchman groups armed differently. Sure they may not be...