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    N18 Corpse Grinder Butcher Mask

    Just wondering if I have been playing these masks wrong. So as a base, juves, ganger and champions in the gang gets +1 amour save. 6+ save vs head and eye injuries. Does the Leader not get this? The leader only gets a 6+ inv and terrifying? They lose the +1 amour save and the head and eye...
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    N18 Mounts in the hive

    Ok, this feels like a stupid question, but I need to ask it anyway. We are currently using the Necrodamus rules, and part of it says "Note that vehicles are generally only designed for Ash Wastes battlefields, however agreements can be made to include vehicles in the crew for any...
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    Bug Cawdor Redemptionist Brethren

    The non specialist Brethren should have access to Retributor ammo for the shotgun, but the option is missing in the gang builder.
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    N18 Piscean spektor 0-2?

    I just downloaded the latest version from, but it still says the same thing on page 96. "Each gang can have max 1 gang specific Brute." But I will just take this as it can be ignored
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    N18 Piscean spektor 0-2?

    Just a bit of confusion reading the Necrodamus rules, which I am pretty sure is just the GW rules with some house rules. Gang comp on page 96 say 1 gang specific brute only. But Delaque says piscean spektor 0-2.. so if my rep is high enough can I get 2 of them? Or is it a case of GW isnt great...