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    Bug Problem with Van Saar Cyberarachnid

    No, you buy the when for the guy, that adds 70cr, and assigns it to him. Adding the Wyrm fighter card should be zero creds
  2. J

    Bug Subjugator Captain wrong armor

    Enforcers Subjugator Captain currently comes with flak armor instead of layered flak armor.
  3. J

    Bug Enforcer Specialists do not have any equipment

    Currently, Enforcer Specialists do not come with armoured undersuit, stub gun, or layered/flak armor, which they are supposed to. Please help. It can be added, but obviously causes an incorrect gang value
  4. J

    Bug Problem with Van Saar Cyberarachnid

    Ok, so adding the pet costs nothing, but you buy it in the individual entry and you actually pay for it there. Got it. Thank you. If you guys fix the Tek Specialist skills, it will be awesome!
  5. J

    Bug Problem with Van Saar Cyberarachnid

    Ok, so....when I add a pet(in this case a Carytaid) to my Van Saar gang, it generates a mini-fighter card, in order to track any advancements, however, when I add a Cyberarachnid, no mini-fighter card to have his stats. I think that's a bug.
  6. J

    Bug Van Saar Tek Specialist can't add skills (HoA)

    Relax, wasn't meant to be combative. Just perplexed at why it can't even add skills the normal way
  7. J

    New models incoming

    I immediately thought the same thing about the chainsword, my only explanation, is that that's meant to hook an enemy, like over a limb, to keep them from pulling back until the blade has completely severed the limb.
  8. J

    Bug Van Saar Tek Specialist can't add skills (HoA)

    Still hasn't been fixed. You can't even MANUALLY add skills, then adjust XP, the only thing you can do, is change type from Tek Specialist back to Tek, manually add a skill, and then change type back to Ten Specialist. It's bullshit.
  9. My Necromunda!

    My Necromunda!

    My Necromunda gangs
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    My Van Saar gang so far