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    N18 Ork Goliath Gang

    I’ve been thinking of making a Goliath gang using my 40K orks, and with a campaign starting soon I came up with this list. Does anyone have any comments on it?
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    N18 Enforcers help for a beginner!

    Yes you can only give a shield to another Subjugator not a normal enforcer. If you buy another Subjugator you can give it to them since they do not automatically start with one. Yes you can only give a enforcer boltgun to a normal enforcer, not a Subjugator. If you buy a boltgun from the trading...
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    N18 Ambot or Sanctioner

    A while ago I got a Ambot for my enforcers, but it was only part built when the Sanctioner was announced. Initially I wanted to get some parts and convert the Ambot into a Sanctioner but eventually I just got the box and built one. Thing is I've still got the part built Ambot, and I'm trying to...
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    N18 Enforcer shield and boltgun

    Using the standard enforcer rules then the only way a subjugator can get a boltgun is to buy one from the trading post, which means it will of course be 6+ ammo. However if you use the badzone enforcers then the distinction between subjugator and patrolman goes away and you can buy any model an...
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    N18 Corpse Grinder Group Activation new 2023 Rules Question

    Personally, I would play it as all leaders and champions in the older gangs like Corpse Grinders have group activation unless otherwise stated. These lists were written at a time when all leaders/champions had group activation before campions like Stimmers appeared which didn’t have group...
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    N18 N23 Badzone Enforcers List advice 1k credits - First ever local Necromunda Campain

    No they are completely ignored for gang comp. Basically you need at least one patrolman for every leader/champ, and then as many scum as you like. Also I tend to use a heavy concussion ram rather than a GL, it’s more reliable, longer ranged and has seismic which pins everything. But that’s...
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    N18 N23 Badzone Enforcers List advice 1k credits - First ever local Necromunda Campain

    Looks good overall, not to dissimilar to my own setup. A couple of points, firstly you can't upgrade brutes once you buy them, only when recruited. Also I'd suggest trying to add a couple of scum with lasguns, they are useful for adding numbers and pinning enemies down.
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    N18 New player - looking for advice on "simple" gangs

    I’d recommend Venators or outcasts for a basic gang. Apart from being able to chose what skill list and stat line some of their members have they are just generic fighter with few special rules that can be easily ignored. They also chose most of their weapons etc straight from the trading post...
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    N18 Group activations with Helot and Genestealer cult gangs.

    I think they changed it after HOC came out because it introduced the first champion without group activation.
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    N18 Group activations with Helot and Genestealer cult gangs.

    I think at that time group activation was a standard rule for leaders/champions, so it didn’t need to be added separately. As far as I am aware most people ignore the oversite and let them do group activations like anyone else.
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    N18 1k Enforcer List

    I'd recommend swapping the sniper rifle to a ordinary patrolman, he doesn't really need the extra wound. Also the shotguner is better with a skill like hipshooing or infiltrate, rapid fire is not very good on something so short ranged. On a more general note the biggest advantage of the...
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    N18 Sanctioner builds and advice

    Unfortunately I'm planning to build two Sanctioners (one based on a Armbot) from one set of spruce, so I won't have the spare parts to magnet the weapons. Has anyone actually used the Sanctioner and can give me advice on it?
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    N18 Shooting a Boltgun.

    To give a couple of other examples using the same rolls if you had used an autogun (which is only 1 damage) then the result would be the same exempt you would only roll two injury dice for the two damage. Meanwhile if you used a lasgun (which doesn’t have rapid fire) you would only get one hit...
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    N18 Orlock Starting Roster help

    A couple of my observations. Firstly as others have mentioned the combi-bolter on your boss is a bad idea, better to have just a bolter since it does excellent damage. Personally I only give backup guns to people with scarce or 6+ ammo guns, things like autoguns and shotguns can look after...
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    N18 Sanctioner builds and advice

    I'm getting a Sanctioner for my enforcers, and I'll be using some of the parts to convert an Armbot into a second one. Does anyone have advice on the best weapon choices and tactics.
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    N18 Badzone Lawtomata

    I asked my local group a few days ago and they are happy for me to use a Lawtomata with Badzone Enforcers. Probably best to ask whoever you play against until we get official confirmation.
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    N18 Collected Errors/Typos in Aranthian Succession 2: Vaults of Temenos

    I am also slightly dubious about the stats for the Concussion cannon, given the size and the cost a slightly stronger carbine is a bit weak.
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    N18 Badzone Enforcers next campaign advice

    My local group house ruled that badzone enforcers can buy Krak grenades for their launchers and other grenades from the trading post. I just never got round to it in the last campaign. I'm going to try out the hammer tomorrow, see how I get on.
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    N18 Badzone Enforcers next campaign advice

    Unfortunately badzone enforcers can only get grenade launchers on their sargents, and I think that would leave me lacking in numbers. Yes I am probably going to ditch the shock stave, but what should I arm my captain with instead? Just a bolter or should I spring for a sledge hammer?
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    N18 Badzone Enforcers next campaign advice

    My local group just finished our first Necromnda campaign and will be starting a new one in a month or so. Here is the starting list I used in the previous campaign (we went for 1200 starting credits rather than 1000). 195 Captain, Concussion Carbine, Shock Stave Mesh Armour, Got your six 170...