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    N18 Lightning Reflexes help

    Lightning Reflexes: -Make a free retreat (basic) action when engaged (before the enemy attacks or any other actions) (max 1 / round) Retreat -The enemy may take an initiative test to make reaction attacks against the retreating fighter So you are right, if you pass the initiative test you can...
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    New GSC gang - can you check all ok?

    There should be a small edit button just to the left of "Fighter Types" on the overview page of your gang. You can edit the amount of credits you have there.
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    N18 Yet Another Escher gang roster

    I thought you could not add weapon attachments to Xenos or Corrupted weapons?
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    N18 New Escher on the prowl concept idea

    Some more ideas: -I would not take a stiletto sword on your matriarch. Without a Chem-Synth and the DM reroll, a weapon like the chainaxe will probably be better for the same amount of credits. Or a Shock Whip to stay within the beast taming theme. -Remove the autopistol from your grenade...
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    N18 Escher Campaign start tips

    Hey all I want to know if somebody has some tips regarding my Escher starting gang. I know there's another thread going around right now, but it looks like I kind of want to take my gang in a different direction (a lot more melee oriented). Tips and tricks on how to play Escher are also welcome...