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    Comment by 'Flim Flam' in media 'Cultist 2.jpg'

    Great looking model, this dude looks like the kind of scum you can't rely on
  2. 20221124_195732.jpg


    Added a blue wash to her armour
  3. 20221124_195800.jpg


    A blue wash to pauldron and bracers
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    Comment by 'Flim Flam' in media 'PXL_20221121_051238105.jpg'

    Great looking mini! Love the underhive green
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    Comment by 'Flim Flam' in media 'RD_Nikki.jpg'

    Cool model, fun painting the hazard stripes on the front of the base
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    Comment by 'Flim Flam' in media 'Septuple-Cursed Stinkwater Stink-heel Turbo Stable'

    Nice work, I like how the blue works with the flesh tones, may have to borrow...
  7. WIP


    I feel motivated if I post stuff
  8. 20221120_222701.jpg


    A lone Goliath, just liked the sculpt. And, wanted to practice painting tarten, inspired by Zujo on YouTube
  9. 20221120_222645.jpg


    Though the tartan looks more like decorative cloth..
  10. 20221120_222528.jpg


    I feel she's looking too light, I think I'll try darker armour
  11. New enforcer gang

    New enforcer gang

    3d printed and bought off etsy
  12. 20221113_105941.jpg


    Shaded and highlights, just need to do the bases, thinking metallic and rust
  13. 20221113_105738.jpg


  14. 20221106_133140.jpg


    Blocked out the colours, before quickshade
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    Creating Zone Mortalis Tiles?

    Hey thanks for the clarification, makes sense and might make it easier when I'm trying to get it at the shop!
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    N18 Cawdor for friendlish/fiendlish campaign 1000CR

    I was just looking for a cawdor template and... praise the emperor!
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    Creating Zone Mortalis Tiles?

    I was inspired by Eric's Hobby Workshop cement walls and got some xps, just as sykoholic said you wanna make sure you get the firm insulation/building xps, not the polystyrene that's all small beads pressed together. I used modgepodge to seal the xps, and left it loose for variety, I think it's...
  18. XPS foam walls

    XPS foam walls

    3d terrain
  19. 20220522_132029.jpg


  20. 20220521_145231.jpg