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    Update Underhive Tools Development

    Hi Malo Gunk tank structure appears to have the stats for Scrap Market, and Scrap Market is missing entirely. should be: Gunk tank: COST: 5 Power, 5 Sustenance, 5 Salvage. PERK +5 power and sustenance Scrap Market: COST: 5 Power, 5 Sustenance, 5 Salvage, Scrap Mine (Supply). PERK: +10 any...
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    Update Underhive Tools Development

    Just noticed Scrap market has been left off the structure list for the underhive toolset. Is there an easy way to add this as a custom one?
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    Update Underhive Tools Development

    Worked! thanks Malo! legend!
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    Update Underhive Tools Development

    Will give that a try. issue appears to be happening on multiple devices (tablet, iOS and pc), all of which have had a log out log in
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    Update Underhive Tools Development

    Hi mate, I dont seem to be able to add settlement buildings, or get the materials button to register that its been clicked. Thought it might be a bug?
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    Update Underhive Tools Development

    Not sure if its a bug or im just doing something incorrect, but in the outlander campaign tools, you dont seem to be able to trigger the "tick" button for adding materials, or trigger the "plus sign" for adding buildings. I seem to be able to write the number for materials in, but not trigger...
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    Comment by 'campaignbrad' in media 'the pit part 3.jpg'

    It was a while back but I’m pretty sure it’s 3.5 inch wide pine? Thanks man!
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    Dark Depths Campaign

    EPILOGUE: The master bent down over the secured crates. Once again, the haul looked to make their future expansion that much simpler. His ears caught the sound of some commotion off to his left. Crawfish Joe pushed his way through the gangers and made a beeline for him. The master stood and...
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    Dark Depths Campaign

    Then began the real battle. The Sons slunk back to the shadows, irrelevant as a fighting force or threat in the face of Kal Jericho’s advance. The bikers threw everything at the famous bounty hunter. More Charges, plasma, bolter, heavy bolter and shotgun shells than a poor hive dweller could...
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    Dark Depths Campaign

    FORGOTTEN RICHES: Orlock vs Delaque The recent activity of the ancient forge structures in the pit had done more than kit the bikers up to the teeth: it opened pathways that had been closed for a millennia. One such pathway, stood open in front of the master and his fully tooled...
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  16. Totally Normal Biker Enthusiasts

    Totally Normal Biker Enthusiasts

    Totally normal. Promise
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    Dark Depths Campaign

    Cheers my dude!