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  1. spoboyle

    N17 Escher Long Las Conversion

    in the end it wasn't just removing the nib. I removed the whole flash suppressor and replaced it with a new one using a rod the same size as the old nib. The hard part was drilling a 1mm whole in a 2mm rod!
  2. spoboyle

    N17 Escher Long Las Conversion

    Went with a simple, subtle look for the long las. It's not that long.but enough of a difference. And a similar long rifle. This is still a work in progress. Need to find scope for at least the long rifle, don't have one in my bits box, as well as a few other additions
  3. Long Rifle conversion

    Long Rifle conversion

  4. Long Las conversion 2

    Long Las conversion 2

  5. spoboyle

    N17 Escher Long Las Conversion

    Hey guys made this to use as a long las/Rifle. But don't think I'm happy with the scales. Wish I'd used the au5ogun as a base longer body to the gun. Also is the barrel and/or tip too long?
  6. Long Las kitbash

    Long Las kitbash

  7. Wispa


    Escher Ganger, Needle Rifle conversion
  8. Black Jaq

    Black Jaq

    Escher Leader, Lasgun and Stiletto Sword
  9. Flake


    Escher Ganger, Lasgun
  10. Haribo


    Escher Ganger, Long Las Conversion
  11. Locket


    Escher Champion, Bolter/Needle Combi, Stiletto Sword and Stiletto Knife
  12. Oreo


    Escher Ganger Autogun
  13. Parma Violets

    Parma Violets

    Escher Gang
  14. Pez


    Escher Juve, Stubgun conversion and Stiletto Knife
  15. Skittles


    Escher Juve, autopistol and Combat Knife conversion
  16. Twirl


    Escher Champion, Plasma pistol and Stiletto Knife
  17. Twix


    Escher Ganger, shotgun
  18. Parma Violets

    Parma Violets

  19. spoboyle

    Escher Starting List C&C

    Think this is what I'm going for, Taken to advice on leader overseer, seem a waste to not utilise the leaders stats, but I'll concede to experience. 1 CC champ 1 ranged champ So prefer that balance there. Kept auto + knife on 1 June just to...
  20. spoboyle

    Escher Starting List C&C

    Hi guys, I used to play NCE but have been away from the game for a while, me and a couple of friends are going to play a friendly N17 campaign shortly. And I as I haven't played a single N17 game yet was looking for some feed back on my newly created Escher gang...