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  1. The Tailor

    The Tailors painting journal

    Long time watcher but only a limited poster, I am making this thread so I have somewhere to record my terrain and to hopefully encourage myself to make some more as my work ethic seems to be inversely tied to how soon I need anything to be ready. With Mankyfest coming up in 2 months I figured...
  2. The Tailor

    NCE Captured gangers and leveling

    I’m trying to run a slave gang due to mine workings So I captured a juve. The guy I’m playing then gets to level up his gangers including the juve who levels twice due to it being a juve and me giving a 5+ xp rating due to gang rating. Juve levels up, rolls on stealth and gets escape artist...
  3. The Tailor

    Necromunda building a foldaway board

    So as a student at Nottingham university it annoys me to have to get out every week and set up the necromunda boards which takes a good hour to get the three to four boards set up for the club sessions. Towards that aim I came up with the idea of a foldable board which I could simply carry to...