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  1. Vonvilkee

    N18 5 man Rogue Trader themed Venator Gang Advice

    Hot shots are easy to pick up later, I'd cut them to get bodies... I want to say you need equal or more hunters than champs and leader (too lazy to grab book tho). The sight is another thing to go after later. It might feel weird but think of them down on their luck and working towards getting...
  2. Vonvilkee

    N17/Neomunda Arbitrator's Handbook Project

    Okay so the points vs number of fighters thread triggered something in my brain... What if equipment had a "tooling factor". Something that was a fighter multiplier based on how much extra equipment and advancements along with how well they worked together? Like close combat weapon (split into...
  3. Vonvilkee

    N18 Venators & the Black Market

    As with so many of these questions, the rules as written say nope but a discussion with your arbitrator/opponent makes anything possible.
  4. Vonvilkee

    N18 Ideas for Base management, Fortifications, Vehicles and Mechs in N18?

    Then definitely don't link Orlock to discounts on those special scenario only pieces of kit. Maybe continue to play the toll idea up for them and let them "tax" scrap transport in some fashion they get stuff based on the amount moving around.
  5. Vonvilkee

    N18 Ideas for Base management, Fortifications, Vehicles and Mechs in N18?

    That picked scrap thing is gonna be super good for Goliath. I like the idea but depending on numbers of scrap involved that hefty of a discount would be astronomical at the higher tiers. I'd consider 10% rounded up to nearest single scrap. Watch out for small number of discounts (Orlock) they...
  6. Vonvilkee

    N18 Can you knock a fighter off the board?

    Hmmmm couldn't find the definition of the battlefield GW usually has in the hardback book. But it is a permissive rule set and you are only allowed to measure distances to things on the the battlefield pg 49. Movement is measured and you can't measure off the battlefield, knockback would stop...
  7. Vonvilkee

    N18 Can you knock a fighter off the board?

    GW standard but could've swore I read it... If I can find my books I'll take a look
  8. Vonvilkee

    N18 Can you knock a fighter off the board?

    I seem to remember that the board edge is treated as impassible which would trigger the extra damage clause as the enemy fighter would not be able to move the full amount
  9. Vonvilkee

    N18 Spring Up vs. Chem-Synth

    Okay rules lawyering here... While the spring up check can be made simultaneously it "only" makes the stand up action free it doesn't allow the model to take it immediately... Technically you could crawl, stand up, shoot. Why would you care? Overwatch interruptions... The chem synth had to...
  10. Vonvilkee

    N18 Venators and Juves from recruitment

    Maybe a hunter with only common items allowed on a single? Then the double could be a free hunter as printed.
  11. Vonvilkee

    N18 Escher gang feedback please!

    If you want to avoid bottling and then fleeing the battle field I highly recommend inspirational. Being able to check leadership when failing cool is a solid choice for these gals. The leader is in range of herself so gets a better reroll to stay in the fight then share that with the other...
  12. Vonvilkee

    N18 House of Chains (general discussion)

    Do the gene smithing options change their Max stat? I could see pre buying the increase not being as much as the experienced earned one. Reason being that if you are at Max of one stat you auto get the other one on the random rolls. Also the difference between t4 and t5 isn't that great impacts...
  13. Vonvilkee

    N18 Van Saar Roster

    I know the Las pistols are cheap but unless you are looking at the short range to hit modifier leave them out. In this edition you can reload and most of your fighters are carrying plentiful ammo weapons so reloading is dependable. You can trim some credits there. Hip shooter is really cool for...
  14. Vonvilkee

    N18 Pre Measure

    So true! I've been playing games since the mid nineties so I'm experienced enough to have really good eyeball measurements without having known size markings on the board. To reduce difficulty of entry I've started to to allow pre measuring especially for charges. There is no reason to disallow...
  15. Vonvilkee

    N18 Blast weapons and vertical surfaces

    We had a bit of an issue with this and the stance I took is that yes you can target that but the template is placed parallel to the target spot. This means targeting a vertical surface has the template standing on end as you place the center and the whole hole must be visible. My logic for this...
  16. Vonvilkee

    N18 Pets and Recovery tests

    Licks and nuzzles for the win! Add some plaintiff whining for good measure brings the master around and gets them back in the fight. :LOL:
  17. Vonvilkee

    N18 Opinions on bringing back old-school combat

    You are correct with effectively 3rd edition to what 7th Ed 40k style contested rolls tracking weapons become difficult. I'm proposing using the 2nd edition 40k dueling style dice you roll attacks then find out how many hits you got and roll to wound based on attributing the hits evenly (similar...
  18. Vonvilkee

    N18 Opinions on bringing back old-school combat

    Cult is very close to untouchable in the beginning but their charge range does that any way. In "talking" this out I remembered a tag along rule in the original and that was serious injuries were just straight outta action. I feel that is bad for the game right now but what about allowing...
  19. Vonvilkee

    N18 Opinions on bringing back old-school combat

    I see what you are saying. My campaign will allow pre messuring to mitigate some of the risk there and given your clarification to hit modifiers, which had been forgotten, will modify combat rolls. This is exactly why I wanted more eyes on it. As to the shooting vs melee aspect, we have access...
  20. Vonvilkee

    N18 Opinions on bringing back old-school combat

    In my perpetual I'm also planning on willpower meaning something... I'm mixing territories and rackets. Rackets will need someone "working" them each round and that fighter will take a will check or they pocket some of the creds. Meanwhile there will be a leadership check on the leader with...