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  1. Tulkas

    The rise of House Nixx and the Cult of the Four Armed Emperor.

    Heya all, back from the Badlands and I'm ready to chew bubblegum. To be honest it's the upcoming Genestealer cult models that brought me back here, I just really really need to work on these rules for a Genestealer "House". So, for those who've missed the earlier post I made about it, I am...
  2. Tulkas

    House Nixx

    Always one of the lesser Houses in the Necromunda underhive, the upstart House Nixx is rapidly making a name for itself, posing a serious threat to the balance of the Major Houses in the Underhive at this time. Were it not for an upspark in street violence between the six Major houses, they...
  3. Tulkas

    LF Nurgle Plaguebearer chest(s)

    Hi Yakkers, I'm in the middle of converting/ finishing up my Possessed warband for Mordheim, but I need a few things to finish it up and one of those things is a Plaguebearer chest. I received a back a year ago from someone on this board and I've cut the legs off to glue the back to a DV cultist...
  4. Tulkas

    You tread on sacred grounds, Heretic! (graveyard wip, pics inc.)

    Heya Yakkers and Yakkets, here are a few quick shots of my graveyard for Mordheim. My table's 4' x 4' divided into 4 tiles each 2' by 2'. One of 'em's a graveyard and I recently had the brilliant idea of saving up coffee grounds to use as dirt. Apparently, I'm very clever as it worked out...
  5. Tulkas

    Some Squats for sale

    Hey all, bought a bunch of Squats off eBay a few months ago and I'm re-selling all the doubles I got from it. Let me know if you're interested in any of them. Cash would be preferred, but trades are also welcome.
  6. Tulkas

    Has anyone mentioned Warhammer: Vermintide yet?

    It's basically Left 4 Dead but with Skaven in the Warhammer universe. Played one game this morning, it's quite cool tbh. If you have it and you're on Steam, PM me and we'll play a game sometime.
  7. Tulkas

    Nemesis Crown supplement for Mordheim (2005?)

    Hey all, found this file today and thought I'd share it here. I'll have a look-see in the Vault later on to see if it's in there yet but for now; here you go. The Nemesis Crown was a WFB Summer Campaign in, I believe, 2005. At least that's the...
  8. Tulkas

    Squats for trade!

    Hey all, I aquired a bunch of Squats off Ebay last week but over half of them are doubles. Which means I have stuff for trades! I would actually like to trade them for more Squats as I just love my space stunties. So if anyone here has any they're willing to trade me, please reply below.
  9. Tulkas

    Hello I'm Martin and I'm an eBay Junkie.

    Hi all. I have a serious problem. When ever I see cool models at a real sweet price, I can't help myself but bid on them. So far I'm buying old school Dwarves and Squats both for Mordheim and hopefully, Necro or Inquisimunda. It feels good to talk about it, I have no delusions that posting...
  10. Tulkas

    Saw this and thought plastic van Saar

    Found this on Facebook, thought of all of you. No seriously, bung a beard on it and call it can Saar, amirite? Unless Im mistaken, this is Cadians with Tau torso and a Catachan head (which I'd replace).
  11. Tulkas

    Kicked some uptight ass tonight. Feels good.

    My Strigoi warband (Aristocracy rules) fought my mates' Witch Hunters this evening. I love this warband. Only my second game with them, but they performed so nicely. My Vampire got shot but not wounded in the keester while hiding under a window, close to two of his Hunters on the second floor...
  12. Tulkas

    Sisters kickstarter. Go fund it. Pretty cool kickstarter that looks worth funding if you're into Sisters (or simply want to help out Mordheimers).
  13. Tulkas

    Necromunda RPG ( no I don't have rules)

    Was just wondering, has anyone ever tried to use Necromunda in a RPG setting of any kind? Me and my mates play either D20 (DnD 3.5) or Alternity (D20 Sci-Fi) and since we've taken up Necromunda again recently, I was thinking about playing it in a RPG setting too. The storyline's well established...
  14. Tulkas

    Hit & Run scenario issues: how do you deal with this?

    Okay two questions: If your mission objective becomes 2: Bushwack (kill the enemy leader) what do you do when your opponent keeps his Leader in reserve? Wether intentional, or unintentional? Would you change the Bushwack to Scrag objective instead? And Scrag requires you kill this enemy model in...
  15. Tulkas

    Epiphany on Hurl Opponent (NCE)

    Having played Goliaths for the first time in the NCE-verse, I got some Juves get some nice Muscle skills. Now, I'm just re-reading the entry for Hurl Opponent and it dawned on me; if I get charged by two guys at the same time, I could possibly grab one of them and throw him away from me, so I...
  16. Tulkas

    Mordheim Bitz Trade Group

    Hello all, To support the on-going struggle to model the perfect Mordheim warband, I created a group on Facebook for the purpose of trading Fantasy bits. Those interested can find it here: Tell all your mates and lets get this group filled to...
  17. Tulkas

    Saw this and thought Cultists (Genestealer)

    This post by Blue Orphen I came across it searching for Ghoul conversions (for my Undead warband) and when I saw these, I instantly thought Genestealer cultists. Plastic Flagellant and Ghoul bits + some trimming/ GS as desired. Sheer brilliance.
  18. Tulkas

    Dave Graffam Buildings on sale at Wargame Vault Title sums it up pretty well. Lots of stuff for $1. Looks great for Mordheim, wether ruined or not (and if not ruined, get your boxcutters out).
  19. Tulkas

    World of Warcraft (yes, I'm doing it).

    Hey there fellow Yakkers! I was just wondering if any of yous here play this addictive game and if so, are any of you on the Terenas/ Emerald Dream realm? I run a Dwarf only Guild there called the Mt Ironforge Expedition. In case any of you DO frequent there, consider this an invitation :D You...
  20. Tulkas

    Trailer for the Mordheim PC game