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    N18 history of violence card

    We house ruled this one to make leaders/champs immune, seemed way too powerful otherwise.
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    N18 Gang size

    Brutes are hangers on, so don't count towards the 50% ganger rule.
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    N18 Compendium YAQ (N18)

    Sorry if I'm late to the party, but funny that you mentioned killer robots. The Cyborg rules state that unlike other fighters it can perform other actions when affected by the blaze condition.
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    N18 Making juves fun

    Total edge case, but will power is used by the tests (rake away and bate) for Sheen Bird.
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    N18 Minimum number of tactic cards?

    We've started using a minimum size of 30 with the basic 10 from the box set as mandatory includes. What's everyone else doing?
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    N18 First time at Cawdor

    Bomb rats aren't that useful on the leader without grenades ;) I'd maybe swap out the icon for some. I would also consider fitting in a blunderbuss or two instead of the melee fighters.
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    N18 First (Cawdor) Gang

    The Crossbow is useless? If anything the 5 inch templates are more punishing on ZM as people typically are more clustered than in SM and compared to the GL it's frags are strength 4 as well. I would not recommend double pistols on a cawdor champ either, they are the best shooters in the gang so...
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    N18 Hit Rolls

    Hi, quick question and sorry if this has already been discussed. The line from the n17 rules under both shooting and melee "If a natural 1 is rolled, the attack misses" seems to have been removed and I'm not sure I like the idea of so many auto-hits. Does anyone know if this is an oversight or...