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  1. DArquebus

    ORB A Growing Populace (New Minis WIP)

    I do like those Urban War minis. Have a whole gang of triads, bought 2nd hand in various states of disrepair. Was going to use them as a Guilder Guard/ Caravan set using the Orlock rules as (heresy incoming) I was never a huge fan of the Biker-style Orlocks. PP also make some very nice models...
  2. DArquebus

    Stealth / Cloaking Rules ?

    Look up the Dark Eldar fleet. They have rules specifically related to changing engine signatures etc to pretend to be other tha they are at the beginning of the game :)
  3. DArquebus

    Necromunda The Sump: General hobby venting thread (Beware: old men shouting at clouds)

    Coming from a long BB background the cards in 3rd ed were quiet unbalanced. Some were super powerful and some were incredibly lame. LRB4 had a similar issue in that all cards were mixed in together and so the cute fluffy ones rubbed shoulders with the game altering ones. And they were handed...
  4. DArquebus

    Necromunda The Sump: General hobby venting thread (Beware: old men shouting at clouds)

    Wash your mouth out! You'll be giving them ideas! :O
  5. DArquebus

    Halfling Treemen models

    @AndeeT - I use that very first model as one of my Fling Treemen. He works ok when he is up and about. But I tend to use a Fanath Monster Dice marker for all my Big Guys these days.... 1) they look cool, 2) they fit nicely in the squares on the pitch and still act as a very visible reminder that...
  6. Wild Snake Kings Logo

    Wild Snake Kings Logo

  7. Wild Snake Kings

    Wild Snake Kings

  8. DArquebus

    New models incoming

    Agreed, plus the 3 Face Masks in the first two rows could all pass as female as well.
  9. DArquebus

    Necromunda Does this look infested to you (finished terrain)

    This is really nice work Punktaku. Consider Mission: Inspiration, a success :)
  10. DArquebus

    Is the old world the 40k tera?

    Wulfyn has the gist of it. WHFB World was originally in the 40k Galaxy but certainly not Terra (our Earth). It was in effect a 'low tech' fantasy world isolated somewhere within the Galaxy inside a raging Warp Storm. NB: the things below may have been retconned since I read them, as I do recall...
  11. DArquebus

    AoS28 and Mordheim2019

    There is some very nice work in this thread! :) Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to more.
  12. DArquebus

    Yeah mate :) Feel free to PM me.

    Yeah mate :) Feel free to PM me.
  13. DArquebus

    What's on your mind?

    Well done Aulenback! That is really cool! :) Got a finished link to the scenario to share please? :)
  14. DArquebus

    N18 Regarding the problematic Ratskins

    Interesting, as I would disagree. Scavvies are mutants and degenerates, born from being forced down or born in the levels laid bare by chemical waste and pollution that has tainted their genes.They get along only by stealing and raiding other folk for what they cannot scavenge in the dirt and...
  15. DArquebus

    Necromunda in Australia?

    @maxwellrpower ran a 2nd Tribemeet Aus this year in House of War in Ringwood. There are a number of Tribemeet members in that thread who played and are interested in both Necro and possibly Gorka Morka :)
  16. DArquebus

    Yakcomp 27 - Stranger in a Strange Land

    Congrats to everyone who entered! Participation is more than half the battle in events like these! :) Grats to the top 3 as well for taking out the hard fought battle :)
  17. DArquebus

    Necromunda in Australia?

    Another stoush between the Delaque and the Ratskins. 2.5 hours of hard slog in tight terrain as the Delaque tried to fight off the Ratskin's Heist on the warehouse they were guarding... The 'Skins survived a couple of Bottle tests and then finally took down 50% of the Delaque who decided...
  18. Terrain - Dense board

    Terrain - Dense board

  19. Terrain - alternate view

    Terrain - alternate view

  20. Terrain - better light

    Terrain - better light