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  1. Vonvilkee

    N18 Beginners Question Box

    You are correct the free does not count against your limit of 2 actions. Basic and simple refers to if you can duplicate the same action during an activation. Simple actions count against your limit of 2 but could be both while a basic counts against your limit but can't be both. Ie move...
  2. Vonvilkee

    N18 Newbie Cawdor

    Also back in the day (n95) skills were rolled randomly and I'm not remembering suspensors even existing... Another example of credits over experience in the new edition.
  3. Vonvilkee

    N18 Goliath Start Gang for new campaign

    Different school of thought here, Goliath actually do best at short range fire fights. The slow movement means they take too long to close to really be great at melee. Don't get me wrong they are good at combat but I like leaning into shooting and being surprising! Be aware that the heavy...
  4. Vonvilkee

    N18 Goliath Start Gang for new campaign

    I'd consider moving the smokes to the juves as you won't want the stimmers using their own actions to cover assaults. Ymmv but smokes for hitters tend to be carried by others to allow the hitters to move up to them etc.
  5. Vonvilkee

    N18 Goliath Start Gang for new campaign

    Sorry probably should have said add to the gang. Basically take the creds from some where and get a bolter for some where. Your renderizer boss could carry it, or the now weapon less bruiser. There are a lot of options, mostly if you go for 7 bodies you'll want more longer range support and...
  6. Vonvilkee

    N18 Goliath Start Gang for new campaign

    The tyrant is an exception to the no combat weapon with a gun. I've had great success giving him a grenade launcher and a good combat weapon. Goliath leaders start with 3 attacks so an extra isn't as necessary and the bs3 is nice to place those templates more accurately. Drop the combi pistol...
  7. Vonvilkee

    N18 Goliath Start Gang for new campaign

    Looking at the list you have both grenade launchers on gangers and only one can be a specialist.
  8. Vonvilkee

    N18 Goliath Start Gang for new campaign

    Goliath can get away with 7 bodies as their cool can keep them in the game even after bottling and the starting t4 keeps them on their feet longer too. As for backup melee don't bother you can still swing your st4 fist which is free and better than allot of melee weapons. You don't need to pay...
  9. Vonvilkee

    N18 New Player- building minis- Which options?

    For gangers (escher applies a little differently to Delaque due to cost differences) lasguns are cheap and upgradable you'll want multiple shotguns do good damage and are upper middling cost a couple are a good idea autoguns are lower middling cost build one MAYBE (cuz it isn't cheap...
  10. Vonvilkee

    N18 How does blaze work?

    Blaze rules have changed, not sure it ever spread like that but I'll go rules change. Blaze is super powerful as on fire fighters lose so much agency and time they tend to never recover in a usable fashion, so disruptive to any plan.
  11. Vonvilkee

    N18 Underhive Harridans HoB Escher list

    Parry is pretty meh as most melee monsters you'd really want the defense from hit so well forcing them to reroll rarely results in a miss. Inspirational is surprisingly good, the leader is friendly to herself so if you need to push home an advantage even after bottling having a second test...
  12. Vonvilkee

    N18 Telescopic sight

    Always read it as in addition to the aim... now I'm second guessing myself away from books... GW rules, lazy wording, totally get both is my final answer.
  13. Vonvilkee

    N18 Orlocks Downtime

    Personally I prefer a shotgun arms master. That said making more targets rather than one big one gets my vote. Template is awesome and fast pistols for flanking is solid. BTW not struggling nor excelling is kinda the orlock thing, so you are doing great!
  14. Vonvilkee

    N18 Question about dual wepons attack bonus

    For a rules basis keep reading as there is an example of fighting with two different weapons and that you need to divide attacks equally between them. If it still reads the way I recall it will show the extra attack and dividing up between two different weapons.
  15. Vonvilkee

    N18 xp from actions directly causing SI or OOA

    The intent with this is to make "tracking" easier, ie you don't need to track who hurt who for the eventual out of action. If you are able to see the SI or OoA within reasonable time of the cause give the exp. Don't use widgets or notes or memory for it. Always been the best way to play it...
  16. Vonvilkee

    N18 Reaction attacks in multiple combat - can you hit someone else?

    The vision arc is an important bit... away from books but I believe the reaction attack only allows turning to the attacker, so the mastiff would have needed to be visible. Don't forget that turning imparts a negative to hit.
  17. Vonvilkee

    New models incoming

    But then again so are the house designed guns... look at autoguns across the various Necromunda kits
  18. Vonvilkee

    N18 Squat Claim Jumper

    Working from memory here... gem cutter has a rule where it is like an extra side arm. Can't remember the name (edit: power pack), can add an extra attack without being in hand.
  19. Vonvilkee

    N18 Question about bomb delivery rats and a scatter dice

    There is an arrow point at what would be considered north of a compass rose... look close and that is what you use to scatter when hit doesn't apply
  20. Vonvilkee

    N18 N23 grenades discussion (have they destroyed grenades?)

    While I was reading through this I had a flash of memory from like 3ed 40k... in that you rolled the scatter die and 2d6 a hit was a hit no scatter (fixed 33.33333% for everyone)! If there was a miss you looked to the 2d6 and it minus the models bs resulted in the scattering distance. I'll admit...