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    Another hobby log

    Finished him... gonna do more. Decided hes a 35th burdock blackradisher.... 1/35 is a very fun scale to work at hehe
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    Another hobby log

    Ive been very inspired by Max Fitzgerald's turnip28 stuff, so I've made my own little guy. He's sort of my own take on it, mostly cause i didnt have any napoleonic war or medieval miniatures to bosh for the look, so I used a 1/35 wehrmacht guy... i enjoyed working at this scale a lot, honestly...
  6. Turnip28 guy

    Turnip28 guy

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    Another hobby log

    I might.... but the moon looks so john blanche... maybe i can justify it by saying the bad moon is a ctan or something, the orks did fight in the war in heaven after all... Seems that way! But they already dont look like the official models, so its probably fine lol
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    Another hobby log

    Been a while since i did any warhammer... been busy with life stuff and commissions. That kind of time! Did a bit of work on this necron lord, though. Maybe ill finally finish that kill team at some point...
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    Another hobby log

    Thanks, I'm glad you like em! I'll try and make more necrons soon! IIt's got a lid, so I can store it pretty easily... I've also magnetised all the figures so they wont rattle around. A display that doubles as storage! It's a super glue lid! I like using junk like that in my builds hehe. Maybe...
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    Another hobby log

    I've decided to make a little display box for my skeleton gang. Here's where its at so far. I'm going to add more greebling, some skulls and bones and what not, and some dirt on thr ground to match the bases...
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    Another hobby log

    Thats the right idea! Ive always imagined them as a bit more lethargic and scattered... kind of like eeyore with short term memory loss and a gauss cannon, I suppose... the idea of a necron saying"you're welcome" to an atomised corpse is hilarious, I love it!
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    TribeMeet Melbourne 2020!

    Hopefully! I just gotta figure out where they are...
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    TribeMeet Melbourne 2020!

    Hehe sorry man, i live in melbourne. Id be down if i did live in perth though!
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    TribeMeet Melbourne 2020!

    ah well, that sucks. Do you two know any way I could find some casual games? I don't really know anyone irl who's into necromunda...
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    INQ18 Lookin for games in melbourne

    Hello! I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this, I'll delete if anyone thinks its not. But anyway, I'm keen to play some inquisimunda but I don't know anyone who's interested, is there anyone on here who'd be ok to play some games with a newbie in melbourne, australia? I live in...