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  1. Moonwake534

    N18 Help with first delaque build

    I would also like to know lol
  2. Moonwake534

    N18 New to game struggling with Escher Roster

    Starting small then working your way up, don’t be afraid to proxy!
  3. Moonwake534

    N18 New campaign Van Saar gang

    I tried starting a new campaign but I needed more set up time…
  4. Moonwake534

    Question Custom characters

  5. Moonwake534

    Can't add friends

  6. Moonwake534

    New Rules Incoming - 40k

    I’m also excited for new rules
  7. Moonwake534

    New models incoming

  8. Moonwake534

    Question Adding equipment to custom gangers

    I would also like to know lol
  9. Moonwake534

    Question Profile picture

    Not sure but good luck!