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    N18 Newbie Cawdor

    I think the biggest issue with this list is that you only have 1 Firebrand. I would definitely take a second, even if you just give him a long rifle. You should quite easily afford it if you reduce the number of secondary weapons people are taking and also reduce the number of Juves. I can see...
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    N18 Orlock bases?

    The Arms Master is on a 32mm base, as are the dogs. The rest are 25mm. I don't have any dogs in my gang, my Arms Master is on a 25mm base, I didn't see the point in putting him on a 32mm base. Call it cheating if you wish :)
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    N18 Orlock Loadout for campaign

    8 is a good amount of bodies for a starting Orlock gang. Any more than that it starts becoming too difficult to effectively equip your gang. Servo Claws aren't amazing. They're not bad for the start of a campaign, though lose punch as opponents get tougher and get better armour. A Power Pick is...
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    N18 First Time Orlock Gang: Would love some feedback/advice

    I wouldn't give a grenade launcher to the Road Captain,. It's a great weapon but I would give it to the Gunner Specialist instead. I think your Captain is better served with a bolter. A good close combat weapon would be good too, for example a power pick. The power pick can either come straight...
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    N18 Is the game of Necromunda dying? An interesting video.

    I agree that the Ash Wastes boxed set has probably not sold that well. I don’t remember it ever being out of stock on the GW website and resellers seem to have always had plentiful stock of it. As the video creator says this is probably due to the high price point, though also the content of the...
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    N18 Hangers On Costs

    Not according to the rules I have. I don't have the latest version of the rulebook so maybe something has changed there.
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    N18 Hangers On Costs

    You only pay for Hangers-On once, not after every battle. Hangers-On sometimes leave your gang, in those circumstances you have to pay to hire a replacement. Hired Guns on the other hand you only get for 1 battle. If you want them in the next battle you have to pay again.
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    N18 GSC gang - heavy weapons only on Acolyte miniatures?

    I don't see an issue with using a 40K model with a heavy weapon (i.e. a Neophyte) as an Acolyte with heavy weapon in Necromunda. Different gaming groups vary of course, though I'd be surprised if the people you play with would have an issue. The main issue with Acolytes with heavy weapons is...
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    N18 Starting with Orlock

    Your idea of an Orlock gang looks pretty sound. A Road Sergeant with heavy bolter is a big investment in credits. Especially if you want to equip him with suspensors, which you definitely should. I wouldn't get him at gang creation, at least not the heavy bolter with suspensors. You can of...
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    N18 Orlock Starting Roster help

    You’re right about Heavy Stubbers, the fact that if you get one you are sacrificing other things. Especially when you take into account that you should really take Suspensors when you get one. It’s a choice but personally I’d rather avoid one at gang creation and spread the wealth around the...
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    N18 Revisiting Orlocks

    I haven’t delved into the Ash Wastes yet. Looking at this as purely an Underhive gang I would say that your heavy bolter needs suspensors. You can pick them up after your first game but expect your Sergeant to get pinned a lot and not be able to shoot until he gets the upgrade. I also like to...
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    N18 GSC list first attempt

    Not a bad start. I agree with Psyan's comments. If you do want to add an Aberrant and you're struggling for credits to afford it I'd get rid of the Acolyte with long las. Not that an Acolyte with long las is a bad option, you can pick one up as the campaign progresses though. If you are...
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    N18 What rulebook?

    If you want the miniatures and terrain then sure, buy the Ash Wastes box. If you only want the rulebook (and tokens and dice) there are people selling them separately already. Hopefully GW will release the book separately at some point too. Maybe a more updated version of the book, Necromunda...
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    N18 What rulebook?

    The most comprehensive rulebook is the Ash Wastes rulebook. A bit of a pain if you have no interest in playing in the Ash Wastes. It basically builds on the hardback rulebook separately available with corrections, etc... If you're choosing between the Hive War rulebook and the hardback rulebook...
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    Wrecker Jump Boosters & Campaigns

    Nobody (apart from Wreckers) is allowed to equip jump boosters so yeah, it’s gone. Which stands to reason. Giving the jump booster to an Arms Master would be pretty over powered.
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    N18 Slave Ogryn Gang Concept

    Looking good. I think 6 is the right number of starting models for a Slave Ogryn gang. I prefer starting with some grenades, as they're pretty handy in the hands of a high strength Ogryn. I think a Las Cutter is a bit of a luxury in a starting gang, it's certainly an impressive weapon though...
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    N18 First time player - how is my gang loadout?

    Just on your revised gang, I have now noticed that both your Wreckers have flak armour. Probably had it before, I just didn't twig. I don't think they need this. Get them mesh armour as the campaign progresses if you want, but don't start them with flak. This'll save you 20 credits. Only...
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    N18 First time player - how is my gang loadout?

    I quite like this gang. 8 models is a good amount for an Orlock starting gang. I also like that you’ve managed to fit a heavy bolter in. Might make it a bit all or nothing though if this very expensive model doesn’t perform though. Also you’ll want to buy him suspensors pretty soon. The one...
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    N18 Starting Enforcers Gang - New player help - 1000 credits

    My personal view is that a good starting gang for Enforcers is 7 models. They’re expensive due to all the gear and 7 strikes a good balance between enough bodies and being able to equip them effectively. I wouldn’t give your Sergeant a sniper rifle. I prefer my leaders / champions to be more...
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    ORB Best initiation scenario

    Would be interesting to see the lists for both sides. Did the Escher have only pistols? Either way looks like it was a real turkey shoot :) Especially since Brakar was there with his heavy stubber.