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  1. Toffer

    N18 Blaze plus close combat

    Thanks very much
  2. Toffer

    N18 cost of a hardcase cyber mastif for enforcers

    Hi Just added a Hardcase Cyber Mastif to my gang in Underhive Tools on Yak Tribe. I thought they were 130pts but it is showing as 0 pts. am I doing something wrong?
  3. Toffer

    N18 Blaze plus close combat

    OK. So a fighter has been pinned following being hit by a blaze weapon. so they are basically on the floor and on fire but not out of action. What happens if an opposing player charges them in close combat?
  4. Toffer

    Question Sanctioner Automata on YakTribe

    Awesome. Thanks very much
  5. Toffer

    Question Sanctioner Automata on YakTribe

    Hey Underhivers quick question is there a way to add Sanctioner Pattern Automata to a gang on YakTribe please? I cannot see it in any of the drop down menu's when I try and add it to the gang.
  6. Toffer

    Help Blood Bowl win an award

    Hi all. This is a bit off topic for me on YakTribe. Blood Bowl! We have a little Blood Bowl podcast out here in New Zealand called Powtearoa. I'm one of the presenters and its up for an award but needs the public to vote for it. Please vote for us. Help us win an award. Click here...
  7. Toffer

    Toffer's painting thread

    Painted up my old 40k cherub. So my leader has a little meat shield now.
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    Toffer's painting thread

    This escalated quickly
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    Toffer's painting thread

    His Hand
  11. Toffer

    Toffer's painting thread

    Finally finished my Cawdor display case thing. Based very heavily on this amazing piece of work Mine was an old jewellery box. Everything is magnetised. Terrain is mostly...
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