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  1. greenbac

    N18 Grave chutes and pinning

    dunno what the proper rule is but i dont auto pin with a grav chute, you just cant move afterwards. if you auto pin all it really does is negate falling damage and it seems a little over priced and unthematic for just that. its only because thats how i wanna play it though, got a tower thats 9...
  2. greenbac

    Best models before their plastic versions.

    You should copyright trollmeat. and the catchphrase "trollmeat likes this"
  3. greenbac

    What's on your mind?

    for myself, the biggest problem with ORB was everyone being the same. it was the biggest hurdle to get new people to play! probs because they were 40k players of old and wanted some distinction to there gang from the outset rather than 5+ games into a campaign.
  4. greenbac

    Best models before their plastic versions.

    I love the old ork dreadnaught, the one with a pair of claws and a pair of heavy weapons sticking out of basically a barrel. mainly nostalgia though, i think it was the first thing other than a fixed pose space marine i ever painted. probs 1995 or so. still have the legs! and i turned the...
  5. greenbac

    Necromunda The Sump: General hobby venting thread (Beware: old men shouting at clouds)

    all the house of books except cawdor are 28 quid. even the delaque and that came out after cawdor didnt it? i am often wrong though. lol
  6. greenbac

    Necromunda The Sump: General hobby venting thread (Beware: old men shouting at clouds)

    i made it through what, 10 odd years of gw releasing the grand total of nothing what so ever for necromunda. to the point i thought there would be nothing ever again. i have to say im rather happy with the over abundance of new rules and all the models , it means lots has to be...
  7. greenbac

    Necromunda The Sump: General hobby venting thread (Beware: old men shouting at clouds)

    i hope gw release a new book/boxed set soon so everyone can go back to moaning about that instead.
  8. greenbac

    The LoTR Thread

    its not lotr but the wheel of time series should happen, and reasonably soon! (optimistic i know!) i read somewhere online that the first season has finished filming already.
  9. greenbac

    Necromunda Ivan’s Necromunda/Kill Team/40k/etc. Painting & Modelling

    the yellows on the enforcers look chuffing ace, rather jealous now. and the kill team mini fits with orlock so well! sorry if i missed it somewhere but what did you do (if anything) with the minigun style cannon thingy he came with?
  10. greenbac


    i think you are right on the names if i remember the article correctly you could shoot across the open gaps if you had the range but you could only look at the sides you had models on. its always been my ultimate inspiration, glad the pic turned up. i would put some lifts and more ways up if i...
  11. greenbac

    Judge Dredd Movie Comparison

    ive been trying to decide which i like best for half hour or so. to improve my mental stability i am going to abstain from the vote and just say i like them both. otherwise i will be questioning myself for days! gonna have to watch them both again now ive thought about it. did anyone see the...
  12. greenbac

    Necromunda Dave's Necromunda terrain

    top marks on this lot! looks proper ace! really impressed with the paint job, i can only describe it as weathered and crisp? how ever you wanna describe it, it works really well! the floors especially, with the shiny metal and textured grime/rust. are the tower risers air filters or lamp...
  13. greenbac

    Garage Conversion to Hobby Space FINISHED

    be proud of that job! looks spot on! add some cheapo mdf skirting board though, will stop loads of bumping of the plasterboard/scuff marks/damage. seems like just more work and money but its worth it.
  14. greenbac

    N18 Hi! Looking to get started with Necromunda, anyone wanna help? (Orlocks)

    im not so against the autogun myself, its not gonna solve many problems but its cheap and it does lay down some semi effective fire. I use them in pairs to try and direct the other gang a bit. dosnt always work to be honest but in my experience that's the hit rolls not the wound roll (excluding...
  15. greenbac

    do I have to buy ammo for a missile launcher.

    hahaha! what that heavy will do for more missiles is shocking. he's got these hive guys cheese burgers if anyone is interested.
  16. greenbac

    Necromunda Spyrers :)

    am I right in remembering that the orrus is the slowest of the bunch? ( lowest movement value ) so weaker looking legs compared to the others works for me. it stops him looking like a power armoured space marine, when he is just a man in a tau suit! he does remind me of jonny bravo though...
  17. greenbac

    Necromunda Necromunda Computer game announced

    poor old ratskins!
  18. greenbac

    Necromunda Necromunda Computer game announced

    how about necromunda : total war?!? the campaign map would be a hive and you could fight your way to the top! I bet Geldof would play van saar.
  19. greenbac

    Yakday Peterborough 2017

    can we have a real life 'hats of necromunda' comp? dibs on the goliath chainsaw hat.
  20. greenbac

    random spares and bits to trade!

    Sounds good to me, I will try one of your design. i like the half cape and helmet! these are the plastics. sorry about the dust!