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  1. Blood Donor

    Inspirational Viewing

    I had not before heard but found myself listening to and enjoying Sturgill Simpson on Youtube this past weekend, playing some bluegrassy brewery set, and that lead me to Sound And Fury, which is a bit of a 2019 approach to the old Heavy Metal film style of animated rock and roll feature length...
  2. Blood Donor

    What's on your mind?

    Someone had linked to We Are The Mutants in a post a few pages back, or maybe in another thread, but that quickly was bookmarked and has provided a whole host of good reading and perusing. There was an article on how darn near everything Warhammer in the 1980s was of the misogynistic creative...
  3. Blood Donor

    A Tourist's Guide to Underhive Sights and Scenery

    Another week and a few more base colours. The Librarian joined in and got a purple shoulder pad as well.
  4. Blood Donor

    A Tourist's Guide to Underhive Sights and Scenery

    No, not me. Im happy to be finally getting most of these off the sprue, as the "new" Space Hulk isn't really new anymore and I picked up that and the Dark Vengeance boxed set half a decade ago. Won't be any Primaris stuff going on in this build 🙃 My paints have not agreed with the temperature...
  5. Blood Donor

    A Tourist's Guide to Underhive Sights and Scenery

    Saturday weather was great and I had a productive day in the driveway accompanied by some warm sunshine. A lot of work on some non-hobby related stuff but certainly worth sharing. The weather today dipped back in time to snow, however, which lined up perfectly for my painting project. It...
  6. Blood Donor

    A Tourist's Guide to Underhive Sights and Scenery

    bleep blip blurp. Photos on phone but typing easier in an edit post from the desktop... ... Been a long time since I've posted anything on the forum, have managed a bit of lurking or a few fairly inactive logins over the last bit but have been away from YakTribe and a lot of hobby stuff since...
  7. Blood Donor

    Stirland: a rip-off of The Guide to the Empires East March

    I had to put my phone down and quit momentarily lurking, log onto the forum on my desktop (easier done than perhaps said but of value for poignancy to story telling) just to pip in to say the word Spafograf is fantastic. Love the empire minis - they are like the fantasy version of the...
  8. Blood Donor

    A Tourist's Guide to Underhive Sights and Scenery

    Milk by the bag, even. Its a beauty. Definitely a Canadian thing.
  9. Blood Donor

    A Tourist's Guide to Underhive Sights and Scenery

    Well moves and such. Been away from here for a while. Settling in to living in Central Ontario, been enjoying getting to travel the area for work and have managed to work alongside a few Holsteins and Charolaise. Living the sophisticated city slicker life has its perks, and I have been...
  10. Blood Donor

    Necromunda Terrain - 30 Buildings and more!

    The cameo maybe peaks in the very early 20s. Very cool collection, the big Mantic Deadzone kits is not something Ive seen much of. Would love to see if you have a good functioning system for terrain and building materials storage. ...a good webway of catwalks and walkways off those "tall"...
  11. Blood Donor

    Necromunda Our massive backlog of terrain

    Slap a bunch of posters and weathering on the open walls and silos, but otherwise awesome looking pieces :cool::) The Vault has a good selection with a few options for print off posters :)
  12. Blood Donor

    Necromunda From Hoard To Hive (WIP Terrain)

    I say no it is not, it looks contained. Maybe just don't add more to it? Saying that is easy...
  13. Blood Donor

    My 12 year old daughters Escher Gang.

    After years of YakTribe and Necromunda and now even two 40K armies, I can say my painting is up to a solid 9, maybe 9 and a half... ....year old's standard fare if this is what a 12 year old can paint. That is outstanding, very clean and effective uses of washes and highlights. Really like...
  14. Blood Donor

    modelling different types of armor

    From this post there was mention of this tutorial on sculpting layered armour. That whole thread is so excellent. @Malika crushed a handful of posts with excellent links in a row. I'm gonna read up on home made Ork vehicles :giggle:
  15. Blood Donor

    Necromunda Cardyfreak's Necromunda plog

    DUDE These are incredible even by your standards. The leather jacket work and the hair and the fact that I can't actually start listing the incredible aspects without it breaking the very compliment. Im gonna go back and stare at them more...
  16. Blood Donor


    Tin cans! The 90s Wargames Terrain book from GW is still excellent and homemade terrain is still the bosanova of the hobby 😎😊
  17. Blood Donor

    What's on your mind?

    Maybe not new as a 2014 release, but this is super cool! :cool::)
  18. Blood Donor

    Strata Miniatures - Cool bits and suchlike

    The Ratmen stuff looks awesome! :cool::) There is definitely a need for good bits to turn a rank and file unit into a skirmish warband, so the plethora of good arms and weapons and heads to kick up an already great and affordable boxed set is sweet. Would be cool to see some warpstone pistols...
  19. Blood Donor

    Necromunda Styrofoam for bulkheads

    FLAT PACK AND LED!!??! 🤑🤑🤑
  20. Blood Donor

    Yak Grafitti

    Wowser that is a lot of work that you put in! This will certainly make it helpful for my next batch of terrain (ETA dont ask). I do also like the very overt style graffiti like BEWARE! or fairly random words just painted on a building or something, but the theme helps me keep the terrain...