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    Players in Nottingham area?

    While it may be a lete reply... the gorkamorka facebook group have several people from around that way
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    Outlanders NCE scenarios and special deployment

    Well in the Hit 'Attackers' they are not deployed no the table so cannot be seen, which is the intention of the deployment rules I would be inclined to as the defenders cannot use it as they are the ones being ambushed.. But would have to have a look at 'Ambush' from NCE as that is what it is...
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    Outlanders Community Edition (OCE)

    Wernt the Ash waste duders done after pitslaves?
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    chaos marine special rules

    Dont start them with any skills, but make them immune to pinnnig Also give them options to aquire marks at certain Exp points instead of a skill table for them
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    Alternating attacks between pistol and kife when attacking in CC...

    You may of not missread it.. They are quoting NCE.. and your ticker says living rulebook. While simular there are diffrences
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    Thnking outside the box with Heavy Weapons

    I normally roll with 1 heavy stubber and flamer in my delaque gang.. and then upgrade to a 2nd if possible. the ability to lock down corridors is useful. This time I am rolling with the Lascannon from the get go, purely because I have the mini and havent rolled with it before. I find while...
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    Outlanders Community Edition (OCE)

    Well in Outlanders Pitslaves were just hired guns for outlaw gangs not a full fledge gang the gang rules were leased in the gangwar mag if i remember correctly.. same with squat gangs.. so tempted to make a squat gang
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    Reporting on your enemies (Outlaws)

    Atm I tend to run you can only report if the oposing gang killed one of your members or stole a territory off you. but I am keen to see what they come up with for OCE
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    Event Cards

    Well my event cards have arrived =D And just in time for a new campagn starting tomorrow =D
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    Event Cards

    Well we tend to run Outlanders aswell as NCE, just because there isnt 'too' that isnt compatible with NCE.. Plus I love when my gang gets outlaw status =D
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    New Gang - Brotherhood of the Lotus

    I like it very fun alternative
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    Event Cards

    Gotta try and see if i get these used in the next campaign.. gorka can you put a link to the place where you got them here? Also your format looks sexy
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    Charging over/around barriers

    the great thing about necro is you dont have to charge in a straight line =D Also barricade the are no more then 1" high and wide dont effect your movement
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    Ld 9 and Impressive Scars

    In Gorkamorka they put into the rules that a Impressive Scares result can put you up to Ld10.. So if you are Lucky enough to get it when you are at Ld9 then go with it =D
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    Event Cards

    So have you guys put togeather a Updated set as of yet? Keen to give it a go, but too lazy to make the changes myself =D
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    Necromunda Community Edition (NCE) Requests, Fixes & Updates

    Well if sights cant be mounted on diffrent weapons due to the reasons Jim listed the exact same can be said for silencers.. even more so.. as the guns would have difrent barrel sizes and requrements for a silencer..
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    alternatives to the rescue mission

    The rescue mission isnt as hard as people tend to make it out to be.. the key is to move and hide.. and be willing to stay put untill you can move the sentries away, if you can do it right you can even save the dude without raising the alarm. (a good CC guy is a must to take out a sentry that is...
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    [BETA] Yakromunda Mobile

    I had a look at the mobile page.. and I noticed it doesnt list multiple of the same gun on a character.. For example on of my Juves has 2 Autopistols.. but on the mobile list it only shows one
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    Non-Player Characters?

    otherwise you play him the same way you play the genestealer event card
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    Tau gangs?

    Looking alot nicer then how your tau rules started Jim