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  1. Karandrassh

    TribeMeet UK - What Would You Attend?

    My other thought for a necromunda event is have the Saturday evening specialist games have a small fun effect on the Sunday games. BFG - have a transport escort mission, each transport escorted off the table allows a either a rare trade weapon or a unique weapon to become available at common on...
  2. Karandrassh

    TribeMeet UK - What Would You Attend?

    I would do a mordheim weekend, maybe a bfg weekend, the holy grail a GorkaMorka weekend 😂 and I am always up to run a Inquisitor campaign. And in terms of boxed games I have both space hulk and WQ:bsf
  3. Karandrassh

    Inquisitor @ TAG 2024

    I will be using the Inquisitor LRB and I don't mind people using any of the other published material. Either can be workable plus you have an excuse to have a Character of a Precher or Officer to Lead (bully) them. Also the only thing to note is melta weapons are frowned upon (though not banned)...
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  6. Karandrassh

    Necromunda Karandras_sh Return's to the Palatine Hive

    Quick Update Printer has been going none stop and here is the test colour scheme which I am liking, just a wash needed to be done (not sure if it will be an oil or just a normal wash)and other grime. It is simple and harkens back to the Inquisitor rulebook. Some of my figures for scale
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  9. Karandrassh

    Necromunda The Sump: General hobby venting thread (Beware: old men shouting at clouds)

    Bring GW back to Newark-on-Trent (I have been watching too many of the Rick Priestley interviews)
  10. Karandrassh

    Necromunda Karandras_sh Return's to the Palatine Hive

    The Terrain I have tried printing has finally worked. The 2 outer pillars are from an earlier print but still look good This has all the walls I have been trying to print will tidy up the tops of the failed ones so they can still be used
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  14. Karandrassh

    Necromunda Karandras_sh Return's to the Palatine Hive

    I scaled him up by 165% so he stands roughly 8cm tall, which is taller than my 54mm space marines. I usually scale them up between 160%-165% to give a nice variation in heights though a recent miniature is scaled up by 180% that is a suprise for TAG
  15. Karandrassh

    Necromunda Karandras_sh Return's to the Palatine Hive

    Just printed one of @Mad Robot 's new ogres they look amazing 😍 even scaled up to 54mm Printer is still delaminating but a lot less so tweaking the settings for the second print of the day
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  17. Karandrassh

    TAG WAR UK 2024!

    Also sign up thread for the inquisitor is available.
  18. Karandrassh

    Inquisitor @ TAG 2024

    Sign up list and warband theme. @spafe @DarkMouse @radulykan @ClockworkOrange
  19. Karandrassh

    Inquisitor @ TAG 2024

    This is the thread of who wants to join me in playing inquisitor at the TRIBEmeet. I will be running it at 54mm scale, I have plenty of spare models for those who want to join a game but don't have any. My plan is to run a small campaign of linked games, but I understand that there won't be the...
  20. Karandrassh

    Hypothetical TribeMeet RPG

    I would be up for an RPG session, I agree with looking into a different setting. I am used to DND and both versions of pathfinder, but I think running something more unique could be fun. Also on the talk of making pc's I would go with pre rolled characters as making them can take up a huge...