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  1. Lyndon

    Lyndons log of seemingly random stuff!

    So I did. I still need to find my brass rod stash, or butcher a couple of paperclips. I'm envisaging this pair as "bad guys", so will be making another couple to be foils to their plans, although I also want to dig out a frostgrave wizards sprue before I do that as I think that had some good...
  2. Space Wizards

    Space Wizards

    WIP jedi types
  3. Lyndon

    Necromunda Alternative Necromunda Miniature Sources (image heavy)

    Yes, I have, and I'm pretty sure @Ben_S has as well. The 4 juves are made from cultists, and they scaled in pretty well with the new Cawdor.
  4. Lyndon

    FYSC September Submissions Thread

    I'm unlikely to finish anything else this month, so here is what I am calling finished.
  5. Lyndon

    We all started somewhere...

    I found these at my parents the other day, my original Orlock gang from back in the 90s. (Well, at least part of it, I'm sure the gang rating was over 4000 at one point and I definitely remember a heavy bolter)
  6. Orlocks


    My old gang from back in the 90s
  7. Lyndon

    Lyndons log of seemingly random stuff!

    Right, I'm calling this lot done. They're at least tabletop ready. At this rate I might even get to look at some vehicles. If I get time, the bases need sprucing up, and there are always more details / highlighting to do. Also, I'm a little bit worried about how orange my bounty hunters...
  8. Delaque batch #2

    Delaque batch #2

  9. Delaque batch #1

    Delaque batch #1

  10. Lyndon

    Lyndons log of seemingly random stuff!

    I didn't have enough, which is why some of them have their hoods up. Obviously, they're bald underneath. I've just realised that the hoods make them look more like Jedi Space Wizards, so now I want to convert some more to have laser swords.
  11. Lyndon

    Lyndons log of seemingly random stuff!

    The week before Tribemeet is apparently the best time to start a new gang. I'd been planning on using Redemptionists all year, but have had a last minute change of heart to Delaque. Mostly made from Stargrave Scavengers. Hopefully I can get them finished in time. There's another batch with...
  12. Delaque WIP #1

    Delaque WIP #1

    Made from Stargrave Scavengers (and some other bits)
  13. Lyndon

    FYSC July Submissions Thread

    I finished one whole model last month. Luckily, Ziff has a name, and is not just another faceless mook in the underhive, so must be a character.
  14. Lyndon

    YakComp 47 - One Shot, One Kill!

    ziff sighed and sighted down the scope of his rifle again. He'd been on this rooftop for hours and his patience was worn thin. What was with this ridiculous uniform the contract had specified too? Finally, a commotion in the distance drew his attention as a parade came into view, full of garish...
  15. Ziff back

    Ziff back

  16. Ziff front

    Ziff front

  17. Lyndon

    Lyndons log of seemingly random stuff!

    One busy weekend later. Big cogs make great tables, right? While I waited for the glue to dry, I started on a roof. And because flat roofs are boring, I glammed it up a little, although the bright silver colour is unlikely to survive the underhive. I also made some stairs out of...
  18. Cog and Backpack Layout

    Cog and Backpack Layout

  19. Almost finished

    Almost finished

  20. A humble roof

    A humble roof