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  1. Teun135

    N18 Necrodamus/Bookromunda (rules compilations)

    I know I'm tired of all the new releases... which is why I am here in the first place :)
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    Update Underhive Tools Development

    A workaround you might try: in the settings of Chrome for mobile (three dots at top right) there should be a checkbox you can mark that enables "Desktop Version". Does that one work?
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    N18 Battle for the Drained Sump-seas of Marimoor (Campaign)

    Underhiver Report hot off the presses!
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    N18 Battle for the Drained Sump-seas of Marimoor (Campaign)

    Merry Christmas folks! (Or a Benevolent Day of Helmawr's Generosity, for those that do not observe the holiday!) We are retooling our campaign to begin again, this time incorporating the rules from both the Dominion Campaign as well as Law and Misrule, so I took the opportunity to write a quick...
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    N18 Battle for the Drained Sump-seas of Marimoor (Campaign)

    Hey tribesmen, here is my latest post from my blog: (pictures on blog) ++++ EXCERPT FROM THE MYNERVA UNDERHIVE TODAY++++ ++LOCAL HIVE NEWS REPORT++ Latest word from the Underhives indicates that a...
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    N18 Battle for the Drained Sump-seas of Marimoor (Campaign)

    Good advice so far guys! I am planning to do a revision next weekend where I clean up some of those inconsistencies. While stuck at work without my books, here is the next Gang Focus article I managed to whip up...
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    Comment by 'Teun135' in media '111.jpg'

    Awesome! Where is the STL from?
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    N18 Battle for the Drained Sump-seas of Marimoor (Campaign)

    So my wife and I are greatly enjoying the Law and Misrule campaign, setting up our various gangs to be criminal kingpins (even the law abiding gangs). We started a campaign blog together, but I am probably doing the majority of the writing 😅 Problem is, I haven't been reading Necromunda lore...
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    My Gangs

    Gangs I have made
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    Necromunda Teun's Necromunda Emporium

    Click for the video! Played the last game of my Hab Dome 201 campaign against my partner Swanky Tiger. (Also known as _bigbugs on Instagram). At this point, my Orlocks slaughtered her Van Saar to such an extent that...
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    Necromunda Teun's Necromunda Emporium

    Test prints completed, and I have to say it didn't come out bad! Now on to railings and walkways!
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    Necromunda Teun's Necromunda Emporium

    Work has got me down lately... but what better way to blow off that steam then to work on making the Underhive Great Again! As a 3d printer user, I find myself with lots of excess filament spools. The wargamer in me won't let me just throw them away, so I designed some files to allow me to...
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    Necromunda Teun's Necromunda Emporium

    You are right, it does look very infinity. It is a bit cyberpunk, but to make it proper grimdark I have a lot of weathering and dilapidation to instill into the model! Very early stages of this terrain build! In other Hive News, I am putting together a Venator gang from some old Ral Partha...
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    Necromunda Teun's Necromunda Emporium

    Progress continues on the Narco Den!