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    N18 The order of rerolls

    We had an issue come up in a game. In it we had a death maiden attacking a goliath with the ability that allows them to force a reroll on successful toxin attacks. The question we had is does the death maiden get to reroll ones first, or does the goliath force successful rerolls? Also is it...
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    N18 Blast weapons and vertical surfaces

    I believe the actual wording is "a point on the tabletop" not "a point on the ground" and that is a large part of the source of confusion in my group.
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    N18 Blast weapons and vertical surfaces

    There is a great deal of discussion in our group about targeting vertical surfaces with blast weapons. I am arbitrating the campaign and I want to come up with a ruling that helps to deal with the issue. A lot of it has to do with the wording of "a point" in the battlefield. I've always felt...
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    N18 Looking for a map making software for campaign

    Hello everyone. Im arbitrating a campaign at my local store and id like to add a map element. I already have a hex map in mind and i have a few ideas on some modifications to the dominion campaign to make it work the way I want. What i need help with are tools or software for creating a map...
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    N18 history of violence card

    I am thinking about arbitrating a campaign. In the near future and I was thinking of house ruling the card to be a random gang member rather than getting to choose. Still makes it a desirable card as even loosing one ganger cab make bottling easier, etc... but gets rid of my biggest concern...
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    N18 Escher Dominion gang--hand flamer or plasma?

    BTW, I mean hand flamer in my post.
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    N18 Escher Dominion gang--hand flamer or plasma?

    My opinion is that a flamer is wasted on a champs. You want to put something like that on a ganger (or a juve after they've had their first advance and can get it). Because a champ comes with the 3+ I'd do the plasma pistol. Also, you can use a plasma pistol in CC, you can't use a flamer in...