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    N18 My first campaign

    Don't know if you started this yet but I would say go with Uprising, its quite fun. Dominion is the easiest by far to run, (Don't give Corps or Enforcers an Enhanced boon they Kinda already get those what with Corps grinders being Insanely powerful and Enforcers getting a free juve when ever...
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    Suggestion Tabletop Simulator + yaktribe

    Are you guys playing on TTS yet? If so are you looking for a player?
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    [Tabletop Simulator-Discord] Campaign Sign-Ups!

    HI All, are you guys still playing? Do you have any free spots?
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    Necromunda Campaign- Anyone interested in playing campaign on Table Top Simulator?

    HI I would, i'm not sure if you are still looking as that was 9 months ago you were looking.
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    N18 HOF : New Cawdor Gang

    How about something like this
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    N18 HOF : New Cawdor Gang

    I'm just test building a few Cawdor Gangs myself 1) I love the crossbow, I know it gets alot of stick from other people but love the model, 2 it's saved my ass more times than I care to mention, 3, it's very Cawdor. So I'll always try to work one in. With regard of what skills to give him...
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    N18 Solution to scenarios that end in firefight

    I did win Scavange once by out looting my opponent. We had 10 Loot counters on the table, I managed to grab 6 and run off the edge of the battlefield. . We had no hope in defeating them in a straight up shoot out but we were alot faster. (Cawdoor against Vansaar) There were 5 shots in the whole...
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    N18 House of Blades (General discussion)

    This is the pre-view i've seen. looks like it's got several options.... my favorite is probably going to be acid.
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    N18 Goliath Zerker

    The 4th and probably not best option is it can be bought twice to upgrade both.
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    N18 Slaughterborn question

    I know it's not RAW but we resolve all hits, then all wounds then all injury dice; If someone would have bleed out. (Due to 3 or 4 fleshwounds they are treated as 1 serious injury roll, but if any skulls are rolled we just count the skulls for the number of injuries) Re: Slaughterborn, this is...
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    N18 Promethium cache dominion campaign territory question

    We have played it as just 3 per round. It is assumed you used them up or needed to re-fill after each battle. (It's still a boon of 120 worth of equipment)
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    N18 Goliath Zerker

    Hi All Need a ruling on this for a campaign we've got going. Goliath Zerker starts with 2 open fists. (So +1 attack for an extra weapon) When upgraded to mutated fists and bone spurs: Does this 1) Replace 1 of the fists 2) Upgrade both of the fists 3) Replace both of the fists We rulled...
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    N18 Crew Sizes

    Cheers, I thought and hoped so :)
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    N18 Step aside

    Just one attack. (So for example if it was a rapid fire or scattershot weapon you would be able avoid multiple hits from one attack but you only get to avoid the one attack So if they were charging and had 3 attacks 1 missed, and 2 hit you could avoid 1 of those hits)
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    N18 Crew Sizes

    Hi All, Just a quick question re Crew Sizes: We all understand custom/random selection (D3+7) etc What happens when it says customer selection but has no brackets after it.... does this mean unlimited?
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    N18 House of Blades (General discussion)

    Even if it just pinned it would be worth it.
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    I don't think we can back track the overwatch on his champ now he's spent the exp on it and he's been playing with it for a month would be unfairly harsh. (it was a missread) I do have overwatch but never figured about that overwatching an overwatch.... mines not a template but it is a mining...
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    We didn't see the part about 'infiltrate' so i guess it would have to set up 6' away and out of site, so that would help. Although overwatch i think would still work as long as it's aimed at the person activating.
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    RAW the guy with overwatch can theoretically just target the activating fighter, so if he's well positioned even if the activating fighter is out of his template range he can just flame the troops.
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    Doesn't help when with needles way he can just plonk down next to your troops.