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  1. Oojamaflip13

    N18 Faster, better, board layouts

    Does your campaign have an arbitrator? In our group, the arbitrator usually decides the table layouts before a session and has other players help to set them up. When I play with friends outside a campaign, I use the old method of each player takes it in turn to select and place a terrain piece...
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    N18 "Fixing" House of Blades

    True, I did mistakenly combine the two releases in my mind. But I've just checked and the article for the Cinderak book does say it contains "extended rules for Escher and Goliath gang, including unique vehicles..." so I'm still hoping 💜 🤞💜
  3. Oojamaflip13

    N18 "Fixing" House of Blades

    I hope that, what with the unsubtle hint that Goliath models will be able to carry more weapons than other gang models in the upcoming Necromunda update, Escher (who are the other gang receiving updated rules in that book) will have some updated chem rules.
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    N18 Arbitrator needs help, Piscean Spektor and Webgun

    A bit of a long reply so, sorry in advance... When you next eventually start a new campaign, perhaps you could take a suggestion from the campaigns run by my local group. Starting gangs often have certain restrictions to encourage players to build varied gangs and discourage...
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    Comment by 'Oojamaflip13' in media '20220615_004739.jpg'

    Fabulous, absolutely fabulous! :love:💜
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    N18 Not so simple actions: Movement

    Come on, this is Necromunda! You should ALWAYS jump off the ledge to charge the guy below...Your gangers shouldn't even know the meaning of the word 'Sensible!" ;)
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    N18 Not so simple actions: Movement

    To be fair, when I say that we declare a general direction, it's never seemed like it was an official statement, if you get my meaning. It's more like when we declare that a model is moving, we'll just casually say "Slasher Dave is going to run behind this..." It's always seemed to me to be less...
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    N18 Not so simple actions: Movement

    My group has a bit of a relaxed attitude towards this sort of thing. When we want to move a model, we'd declare the intent to move and we'd state a general sort of area, e.g. "Jimmy McTargetface is going to try to get behind that wall" or "Jenny 'Inflammable' Figgins wants to climb that ladder...
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    N18 New player - Redemptionist Exterminators

    Yeah, shooting is a basic action which means that you can only use it once per activation. The Exterminator is an upgrade for a weapon so firing it counts as shooting with that weapon.
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    N18 Phyrr Cat tactics

    Likewise, my two cats are dumber than rocks; except when it comes to food. We've put child-locks on the cupboards where we keep their food because they've worked out how to open them...If they thought there was treats on the other side, I reckon they'd figure out how to open an...
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    N18 First Cawdor Gang, any thoughts…

    If actual, real-world money is an issue, then I don't blame you for not taking extra bodies. But having some Juves in your gang means that, even if you only have 10 fighters in total, you can bring more fighters to the table when playing a scenario that has a smaller crew size. A 10-man gang...
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    Comment by 'Oojamaflip13' in media 'Talisman Dark Elf.jpeg'

    Now that takes me first ever army was a Dark Elf army back in 4th edition. Had a unit of these converted into Spearmen using cocktail sticks because they were cheaper than the metal spearmen models...
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    N18 Cawdor starting List

    Can totally agree with this. Played a game against an Orlock gang who totally kicked my butt, and it was mainly his Autoguns that did it. Afterwards, he recommended adding a couple to my gang because they can be more effective than you think and people tend to ignore them in favour of your...
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    N18 Cawdor starting List

    So, the rules for 'And by the manner of his Death did the Emperor judge him' say "All fighters under the marker suffer an automatic Str 3, Ap-, D1 HIT" (italics on HIT for emphasis). As the action causes a hit, you must follow the rules sequence for resolving a hit. Once all fighters who are hit...
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    N18 Cawdor starting List

    With regards to more bodies, don't forget that Cawdor have tactic cards AND Acts of Faith that allow more fighters to turn up (though the AoF generates new Juves that are not part of the main gang iirc). So, even in a 6-7 fighter battle, Cawdor can bring about 14 of their gang members to the...
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    N18 Table set-ups?

    My gaming group also often plays on tables that are very cluttered with lots of high rising terrain, so the majority of the action takes place at mid-to-close range, with the same cat and mouse dynamic that you mentioned. However, adding a couple of snipers (or just longer ranged guns) on each...
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    N18 Path of the Fanatic (Cawdor HoF)

    Yes, which is why you shouldn't pre-measure the range to check if you're in charge range. I think some players use the article as a way to reposition their fighters for "free", which is kinda going against the spirit of the rule but if that's the RAW then there's nothing to stop them. But...
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    N18 Path of the Fanatic (Cawdor HoF)

    RAW would mean that you can use this as a free move action. You don't pre-measure a charge action, even for an Article of Faith, so you would declare that you're using the article, test to see if it is successful and then move if it was. If you don't reach the enemy fighter, it's a free failed...
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    Like has been said earlier in the thread, the numbers are used to identify players on the roster sheet and also used when you need to randomly select a player. Most players use 1-16 because you can randomly select a player simply with a single roll of the 16-sided die (D16). That being said...