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  1. A Katrina Wyld 001.JPG

    A Katrina Wyld 001.JPG

  2. B Vikki Vicious 001.JPG

    B Vikki Vicious 001.JPG

  3. C Dead-Eye Salli 001.JPG

    C Dead-Eye Salli 001.JPG

  4. D Ripperjack Knox 001.JPG

    D Ripperjack Knox 001.JPG

  5. E Lexi Dee 001.JPG

    E Lexi Dee 001.JPG

  6. F Tia Venom 001.JPG

    F Tia Venom 001.JPG

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    G Jada Thorn 001.JPG

  8. H Lil Septem 001.JPG

    H Lil Septem 001.JPG

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    I Synnamon Kane 001.JPG

  10. J Wildsnake Bliss 001.JPG

    J Wildsnake Bliss 001.JPG

  11. The_Worker

    Necromunda The Spire: An N17/N18 Praising Thread

    I was at WHW at the weekend just gone, and was aiming to get one of the new Inquisition Kill Team game boxes... ...and they didn't have any at all :'(
  12. The_Worker

    Rogue Trader video game

    Yeah, Owlcat have a good track record - this is going to be a stellar piece of RPG gaming, not just 40K gaming, I reckon!
  13. The_Worker

    New models incoming

    In the grim darkness of the far future...'s Nerf or nothin'!
  14. The_Worker

    New models incoming

    So one box will get - Marshal, heavy stubber, K-9 handler, and then a mix of maul & shields and shotguns. A pretty standard Necromunda Arbitrator gang, and it'll fit in a Rhino for Ash Wastes, too! A bit of kitbashing'll get you some bolters too.
  15. The_Worker

    New models incoming

    I love the Arbites (and the Dark Eldar aren't bad, if I hadn't already got 3,000 points of the buggers I'd probably pick some up too). The new Marines are... err... awful? But the Arbites are definitely going into my Necromunda collection for sure. Might even see 40K table time if I can equip...
  16. The_Worker

    New models incoming

    I saw someone say it might be a Blood Bowl Vampire, as their old metal team had those arm-spikes
  17. The_Worker

    New models incoming

    A Hrud Kill Team would be cool as anything, but I think the rumour engine pic is an Age of Sigmar model
  18. The_Worker

    New models incoming

    But we also know that the Arbites use Rhinos, so that's an easy solution :D
  19. The_Worker

    New models incoming

    The new milliasaurs look like friends!
  20. The_Worker

    New models incoming

    I remember the days of the Bitz catalogue. I remember them closing it, too. Sad times.