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  6. Loriel

    Necromunda Campaign: Spire of Babel

    @Sethmerlin666 I wrote them mostly on my self (with help of commmunity etc) but here is direct link to vault incase you want to see
  7. Loriel

    Necromunda Campaign: Spire of Babel

    Thanks, this saturday is starting session and hopefully we get everyone joining. And I am still trying to recorrupt many old timers to return to necromunda :D I havent decided yet will I continue with the well proven comic batreps, or will i try again with the videos ( I failed with my Ratskins...
  8. Loriel

    Necromunda Campaign: Spire of Babel

    SPIRE OF BABEL INTRODUCTION Spire of Babel is ancient dome that has collapsed. Its ruins harbors vile creatures and wretched dwellers, who doesn't care about the Guilders laws. Sometimes house gangs attempt to establish permanent foothold in the wild Babel, but time after time Babel has proven...
  9. Loriel

    N17 Gangs of the Babel - First udpate

    - Corrected couple typoes - I had document duplicated due missuse of pdf merger. No duplication in the latest version.
  10. Loriel

    Necromunda Gangs of the Babel

    Loriel updated Gangs of the Babel with a new update entry: First udpate Read the rest of this update entry...
  11. Loriel

    Necromunda Gangs of the Babel

    Thanks I will correct the mistakes. Wrong header is mistake, but I truly wonder how the duplicate item started. I made the cover as separate pdf with the comic life software that I used to make my batreps and then with word to pdf conversion for the actual rules. and merged them with pdfsam...
  12. Loriel

    N17 Gangs of the Babel 2

    Here is rules for outlander gangs used in Spire of Babel campaign. Rules are converted from OCE rules for latest N18 ruleset. For the most part they are usable in any Dominon campaign but some of the rules are designed especially for Spire of Babel campaign.
  13. Loriel

    Necromunda Gangs of the Babel

    Loriel submitted a new resource: Gangs of the Babel - Outlander gangs for N18 Read more about this resource...
  14. Loriel

    Necromunda Spire of Babel

    Loriel submitted a new resource: Spire of Babel - N18 campaign rules with outlaws Read more about this resource...
  15. Loriel

    N17 Spire of Babel 2019-05-16

    This is ruleset for campaign Spire of Babel. Its campaign that includes rules for outlaws for N18. Outlander gangs are done in separate document called Gangs of the Babel
  16. Loriel

    Bug Custom Territory + Enhance boon

    Hello! I am not entirely sure if this bug or should it be suggestion. Also this is rather minor thing to worry about anyway as we will manage enhance boons still even when yaktribe doesn't support it, but when you create custom territory you cannot modify "house" colum. It seems that which...
  17. Loriel

    Yak Comp 28 - “Happy” Hour

    Good to see Yamble still alive and kicking :D @sump dweller :D honestly didn't even realize what kind of thoughs my idea got :D:D:D Here are couple random pictures what I meant :D
  18. Loriel

    Update YakTribe downtime May 13-15th 2019

    All hail Malo the mighty YAK!!!!!!!!!! I am especially excited about this: Gang colors for dominion territories The most IMPORTANT update :D EDIT: @sump dweller made compelling point that Malo is indeed Yak not a Cow :D
  19. Loriel

    Yak Comp 28 - “Happy” Hour

    It would be awesome to see some van saar tech junkie bar which have futuristic design with ... tentacle things... which patrons may connect to receive pleasure. Then some zoned out junkies drooling in corner. ;)