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  1. Achilles

    Ash's Shadow War: Armageddon Battle Reports

    I'll keep this post updated with my Shadow War: Armageddon games! :)
  2. Achilles

    GMG Video Battle Reports - Mordheim 2016 Open Campaign!

    Here's our games to date! The newest just went up today. :)
  3. Achilles

    GMG Video Battle Reports - NCE - 2016 Open League

    Game 1 - Van Saars vs. Orlocks!
  4. Achilles

    GMG Mordheim Battle Report Series

    I decided it's likely just easies to start a single thread (like I did for Frostgrave) with all episodes posted and the OP Updated. You can see all previous #TBT Episodes in their playlist HERE. The most recent episode of Mordheim aired today!
  5. Achilles

    Frostgrave - The Ascension to Power

    With lots of Mordheim already going on in my life, I've decided I needed ANOTHER Sword and Sorcery game (I'll be staring a third in January with Otherworld Skirmish) and have begun a Frostgrave series. We're already at work on series 2 at the CoOp for Thaw of the Liche Lord (which is essentially...
  6. Achilles

    GMG Video Battle Report - Marienburgers vs. Witch Hunters!

    Taking out their grief, the Light Bringers launch a Sudden Attack on Jordan's Marienburgers!
  7. Achilles

    GMG Video Battle Report - Witch Hunters vs. Cult of the Possessed!

    More Mordheim this week as Jordan brings in his freshly painted Possessed to fight my Light Bringers Witch Hunter warband!
  8. Achilles

    GMG Video Battle Report - Reiklanders vs. Orcs and Goblins!

    More Mordheim today! Mike (the original Mordheim player that kicked of the series!) returns with his Orcs and Goblins!!
  9. Achilles

    GMG Video Battle Report - Witch Hunters vs. Marauders!

    Here we go again! It's a STREET FIGHT! :D
  10. Achilles

    GMG Video Battle Report - Dwarf Treasure Hunters vs. Marauders!

    I teach Owen from the CoOp to play Mordheim!
  11. Achilles

    GMG Video Battle Report - Fallout: Nickle City Stories - This is Not a Test Ep 01

    Because this is basically Fallout-Inspired Necromunda, I thought I'd share it with you lot. :) Hit up the video on YouTube as I'm giving away a free copy of the rules with each episode. Also, check out my Widgets and Wonders where I check out the book and models from Worlds End Publishing...
  12. Achilles

    GMG Video Battle Report - VanSaar vs. Orlocks!

    Dusted off my Orlocks for a Gang Fight against those ponytail wearing VanSaars!
  13. Achilles

    Warband VLOGs for End Times themed Mordheim

    Hey guys! I'm doing a series called Altdorf in Flames using the Mordheim as the core rules. First couple warbands are already in the works. The ReiksWatch Heroes: Youngblood, Champion, Captain, Champion, Youngblood. The Duellists (Swordsmen) The Watch (Marksmen) More to come! The...